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Tradition, culture and heritage are words that we as Indians love speaking about. And we love spreading hints of it in our personal spaces in the form of décor. The fact that a traditional look never grows old makes it even more alluring. But how do you go about it without going overboard? There are several ways to do it. The concept can be freshly implemented onto a new space or even enhance the look of those homes that already consist of a traditional layout with handcrafted wooden furniture, with just a few additions. It’s always better to style with traditional accessories as it brings in a bit of the old along with the new.

Soft Furnishings – Start with cushions, rugs, or curtains. India is known for its fine silks and other textiles, which are incorporated everywhere from window treatments to throw pillows to wall hangings in Indian homes. Add an ethnic layer to your home décor with traditional Indian patterns and hand embroidered pillows or cushions. The fabric colours need not be bright but can stand out with the beautiful intricate handwork. An antique Indian bedspread, hand-stitched with beading and gold thread, completely transforms the urban loft bedroom into a vibrant, energetic space.

Wall Art - Madhubani, Mughal, Warli, folk painting, mirror work or carved wood panels, all artisanal techniques that make you ooh and ahh… Fabrics like the chintz and block art can be framed in modern frames to add an interesting touch. Choose a wall you like to highlight and match the frames to the rest of your space. Indian painting has a very long tradition and history in Indian art. We love our traditional art!

Furniture – Create a statement piece of furniture by using a heritage piece of furniture. Statement pieces should be meaningful, beautiful, collected pieces, heirlooms or useful. Turn the look of your home around, by just recreating that one piece. Paint it, varnish it, change up the upholstery, there are so many options to work up the piece. Though one of the challenges is to take a traditional or antique piece and blend it with a contemporary, modern or minimalistic look. But as long as you love something it will work, that is the only rule! We recently discovered glass furniture, which was once extremely popular due to the uniqueness and fragility of the material. Imagine sitting on that!

Antiques - Antique statues, antique doors and window panels, and similar things not only give a solid peep into history, but also look extremely rich and elegant, especially when blended in with contemporary architecture. Having rare antique items in your home can add an opulent touch of a time gone by to your home.

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