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Bathroom makeovers made simple

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Revamp your bathroom with a few smart moves

We’d all love to have a bathroom that looks like the luxurious spaces we see in the movies, but it’s unlikely that that will happen. That doesn’t mean you need to be stuck with a bathroom that makes you grimace. Follow a few of these tweaks and see what a difference you can make.

Change your walls

Try wallpaper that is suitable for bathroom spaces (renters can try removable wallpaper) to truly give your bathroom a facelift. If not, give your walls a fresh new coat of paint in a striking colour. Have you ever thought about putting in a framed photograph of a sunset or a beach in the bathroom? It’s an unusual place for a picture, but you’ll like seeing it every day.

Change your fittings

Is it time to upgrade to more contemporary fittings? Maybe you could install a new shower-head with different settings? If you’re not willing to spend a large amount, get your existing fittings buffed and polished so they look brand new.

Add light to your space

Bathrooms are usually the most closed-off rooms in the house but they shouldn’t be dim. Add mirrors, yellow light, or a soothing lamp to make bath-time more relaxing.

Clean your space

We know you get your bathroom regularly cleaned, but do a deep-clean to really see a difference. Refresh the grout between the tiles to make everything look cleaner. Get rid of mould or moisture. Polish any mirrors and metal surfaces to remove water marks. Clean shower heads for a more invigorating shower and fix any taps that are leaking. Put in a shower curtain if you don’t have one, to keep your bathroom dry.

Add a few luxuries

It’s often the small luxuries that make all the difference. Put a small basket of pot-pourri on a window ledge, or arrange scented candles in an attractive display. Place a potted plant on the basin for a pop of colour. Buy yourself a fluffy rug or a soft rubber mat to protect your feet from cold tiles when you’re brushing your teeth. Buy yourself an elegant set containing a ceramic or glass liquid soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and soap tray.

Think about what you like about the bathrooms you see. Is it the colours? Is it the feel of cosy comfort? Is it the array of colourful products? Is it the minimal look of the room? Once you identify that, you’ll be able to replicate it in your own bathroom.


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