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4 Bedroom Trends We Love

Mumbai posted on 21.08.2018

Whatever style you choose for your personal sanctuary, make sure it reflects your personality and is a space that you feel completely comfortable in. Whether you dip your toes in with a few features or go all out with a complete overhaul, these are the trends that are quite literally ruling the roost:

1. Dark and dreamy

The one we are particularly fond of is the introduction of deep colours. A rich emerald green, brooding violet or velvety midnight blue can create a soothing atmosphere. Try an accent wall or just the ceiling to get a feel of it. Work dark colours into soft furnishings, headboards and small pieces of furniture like bedside tables, armchairs or an upholstered bench. Look for prints set against dark backgrounds to set the mood. If you’re confident about using dark colours through and through, take the leap!

Dark colours, especially charcoal greys and forest greens are reigning the colour charts when it comes to bedroom colours. Team these with metallic accents to break the monotony. Image courtesy, Boca do Lobo

2. Wabi Sabi and the curated mess

The Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi is about finding beauty in imperfection and celebrating the flaws. This translates to a casual haven that is carefully and purposefully ‘messy’. These ‘imperfections’ include mismatched bed linen in co-ordinating colours, choosing easy-to-handle textiles with frayed edges and embracing the look of distressed, weathered furniture for a carefree vibe. Layering is another key factor – think imperfectly made beds topped with pillows, duvets and bedspreads and throws lazily strewn over lounge chairs.

Wabi Sabi is everywhere you look, so why not incorporate it in the bedroom too? Carefully structure the imperfect look in your bedroom with distressed furniture, linen with frayed ends and lazily draped duvets. Image courtesy, Argos

3. Taking the natural route

We love the look natural materials and textures lend to any room, so why not take it up in the bedroom? Pendant lights made from natural fibres, rattan bedside tables and chairs and wooden study desks all find a home here. You can opt for wood clad floors, walls or ceilings for just the right amount of drama. Also, experiment with woven materials in key pieces like beds, headboards and armoires.

Experiment with furniture made from natural material in your bedroom. And no, we don’t mean just limited to the light or the nightstand, but the bed too! Image courtesy, Urban Outfitters

4. Glamour reigns supreme

Coming back with a bang are glamourous bedrooms with bold colours, rich fabrics and glistening metallic accents. Think silk bedding with gold thread work, velvet armchairs in jewel tones, mirrored bedside tables, brass detailing on furniture or a sleek, gilded four-poster bed. You can opt for wallpapers with rich patterns and metallic details, button-tufted headboards and heavy jacquard drapes for the luxurious vibe.

Bold colours, rich fabrics and gilded furniture are making a huge comeback with glamorous bedrooms. Think tufted headboards and velvet duvets for that rich look. Image courtesy, Mel Yates for The Lakes by Yoo

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