5 Modern Wallpapers for the Living Room

Mumbai posted on 10.09.2018

If there’s one design trend that’s a tad bit misunderstood, it’s the modern style. While modern does mean a pared back look, it doesn’t necessarily mean toned down. There are several ways in which you can bring out your personality and style, and one of these ways is by using a statement wallpaper. We’re all for walls that take a design stand. When picking wallpaper for your modern interiors, keep in mind the following:

1. One way you can highlight your aesthetic is by using an intricate grid-like pattern (like those ones in Pacman) with an oil finish. This effect gives it a shimmering effect, which immediately catches the eye


2. Think interlocking stripes that are a level-up from the bold, nautical ones. A geometric pattern will allow you to mimic the same forms in your furniture and accents too



3. You can’t think modern without abstract. Fluid swirls splashed across walls creates the impression of marble-covered walls, that too at pocket-friendly prices



4. 3D patterns are slowly but steadily gaining ground. Give them a spin on your walls for a look that’s unique and yet can be easily customised



5. Bold prints are the evergreens in the wallpaper world. These also include larger than life floral-inspired patterns such as palm leaves and flowers


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