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Reinvent your home with the soothing colours of nature

posted on 18.04.2016

Reinvent your home with the soothing colours of nature

We all long for the vacations, when we can escape from the city and spend time in the lap of Mother Nature, breathing in the fresh air and calming our souls with the colours around us. But you don’t have to wait for your next holiday to escape into nature – you can bring nature into your home and create a sanctuary for yourself. A slice of nature at home can be the best way to help you to unwind at the end of a day.

There are many ways to bring nature into your home interior decor. One way is to use colours to replicate the hues you see in nature. You might want to paint your walls in a nature-themed palette that you find soothing. Think of the sparkling turquoise of the ocean, or the serene green of a forest canopy. Don’t forget that white is a colour of nature as well, and white decor can be infinitely soothing.

If you’re not looking at changing wall paint colours or repainting, consider introducing the textures and motifs that depict nature. Nature-inspired wallpaper is another easy way to do this. Look for mixed textures, rough-hewn wooden furniture, realistic prints of flora and fauna. Do look at your lighting to allow different variations of lighting in your home, so that you can dim lights to a dawn-like feeling, or recreate the warm blaze of noon.

Consider introducing ‘real nature’ into your home. The sound of running water is very soothing, and a small water fountain can be an unusual addition to a room. If you have a garden or a suitable balcony, you can create a small fountain or rock garden. You can even splurge on an electric indoor water feature that can sit on a table in the corner of a room, create a relaxing trickling sound in your home.

The most effective way to reap the multiple benefits of nature is to bring plants into your home. Buy or make pretty planters and suspend them just outside windows to create a curtain of green that filters the sunlight out, or place indoor plants around your home for a soothing change of interior décor.

And finally, one of the easiest ways to refresh your senses is to bring the scents of nature into your home interior decor design. Introduce fragrances that come from nature – a calming lavender, a zesty sea breeze fragrance, or even a warm cinnamon in the winter – to bring a sense of wellness into your home.  

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