Ikat Interior Décor Ideas for Your Home

Mumbai posted on 14.06.2017

Ikat, an intriguing and striking pattern, created from a resist dyeing technique, is currently enjoying a big moment in interior home décor trends. Bold, energetic, and prominent, it has the potential to stand apart in every space. It works just as well in a modern space, as it does in a traditional one. The trick is in knowing how to incorporate this versatile and eye-catching print into your own home. The thumb rule of working with a pattern works here as well, and it’s all a matter of determining the right proportion and symmetry. Use it to punctuate a focal colour on the living room couch, or to add a spot of visual texture to your bedding.

Since ikat itself is such a noticeable print, it works especially well with neutral solids. A spot of ikat in an otherwise neutral solid room gives that much required visual anchor to your décor. And since solid colours don't compete for attention, they form the perfect backdrop for ikat to shine out like a star in that space. However, you do not need to confine yourself to pairing ikat with just solids. Like most other patterns, ikat can be paired with other prints. The secret to the right pattern mixing with ikat lies in choosing a pattern similar in scale to your ikat, and letting one of the patterns stand out as the most vibrant, thereby creating a definite focal point. We have put together some exciting ways to bring this stylish print into your own home, and give it a sliver of ikat magic.

Ikat bedding is perhaps the easiest and simplest way to bring some of this elegant pattern to your home. Besides, bedding allows you to play with various patterns without ever having to stick to just one

And as it happens with nearly every new trend, it could be that you don’t want a prominent ikat presence in your home, but do want a hint of this bold pattern in your living space. In that case, throw cushions are a great option to stay on-trend, without a larger décor commitment. A cluster or even a single cushion can do the trick.

A neutral setting can come alive with a piece of furniture covered in ikat pattern. Matching sofa chairs covered in a rich ikat pattern can take a space from formal to whimsical. Use ikat furniture sparingly to create pops of pattern and colour stand out against a neutral setting. Or you could bring in a more prominent ikat presence throughout your furniture for a more dramatic home décor.

Ditch the clichéd polka dots and paisleys to give your bathroom a splash of colour and pattern with an ikat shower curtain. You could even use an ikat stencil to create your own ikat pattern on a white shower curtain. Either way, it would be quite a style statement in that small space.

Ikat pin boards could also be used to dress up a plain wall. You could embark on your own little DIY design by covering two pin boards in ikat fabric, and creating a fabulous home for all those notes and lists.

If accent walls are your thing, go for an ikat wallpaper to create one. This beautiful ikat interior home design will make any space spectacular, even when adorning a single wall there.

Ikat stencils can help you get this on-trend look for a fraction of the price. Get a plain white rug, and give it an Ikat stencil makeover in colours that compliment your current home décor. You can also use stencils to create your own Ikat fabric for use on a chair cushion or even go large with stunning ikat curtains.

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