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Brutal tips to turn you into a decluttering goddess

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Decluttering your home isn’t easy, but with these tough tips, we’ll turn you into a minimalist diva

Let’s begin this article by saying that it’s always time to declutter. When you live in a home, you begin to collect odds and ends from the first day. Small collections of rubber bands, plastic bags, and safety pins are practical and can come in handy, but we all know that it doesn’t stop there. When managing and decorating smaller apartments and homes, it’s even more important to declutter regularly, so you have space for more important things.

For the efficient homeowner, decluttering day is a welcome day. It feels like a relief to discard items that are no longer needed. But for many of us, this is a difficult task. Here’s how to maximise your decluttering time and turn your home into a minimalist heaven.

Play mind games with yourself

If you’re not a fan of decluttering, it’s largely because you find it hard to decide what to throw away and what to keep. This is because you’re telling yourself you need everything that you’ve accumulated. Instead of this, turn the problem on its head. Start by making a list of the items you absolutely cannot live without, and the rest will fall into an order of priority, and you’ll be able to dispose of items that you won’t use or don’t need.

Set a deadline for yourself

We all have some items that we’re keeping for a time when we might need them or when we have time to repair them. Set these aside and make a promise to yourself: if you haven’t gotten around to fixing or using them within a month, they’ll be discarded in the next decluttering session. You’ll need to keep your promises if you want this to work!

Make three heaps of items

Don’t stop in the middle of your cleaning to evaluate whether to keep something or not. It might interfere with your process and stop you in your tracks. Instead, create three heaps of items: To keep, To decide, and To throw away/give away. If you’re not sure, just keep the item in the middle heap for now. Once you’ve cleared space and made some decisions, you’ll feel more confident about choosing what else has to go.

Start with the obvious choices

There are always some pieces in your closets and home that you’ve been meaning to discard. Yes, we mean the faded and worn foot-mat, the broken rubbish bin, those piles of clothes that you’ve been wanting to give away. Start with those. It’ll give you a boost to tackle the bigger tasks.

Organise your home

You don’t need to throw things away to declutter. Sometimes, you just need to find a better way to store your odds and ends. Find storage for rarely used items to keep them out of the way of daily life, and use boxes or drawers to organise your life.

Set aside an hour a day

Decluttering a closet is not as daunting a task as decluttering your entire home. If you have a Herculean task ahead of you, take it one hour at a time. Every day, choose one room (or one closet, if you’ve accumulated a lot) and attack it. You’ll be less likely to procrastinate if it’s only an hour every day.

It’s important to keep your home free of clutter and junk. Not only does a minimalistic home gather less dust; it’s also better for your peace of mind. A space filled with odds and ends can create stress without you realizing it. Go ahead and declutter, and do let us know how you fare.


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