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Ways to make the most of small outdoor spaces

Mumbai posted on

Outdoor spaces have always been an important feature in Indian architecture. Whether small or big there is always some space left either in front or back of the houses. Due to space constraint these days, we don't have the luxury to have a sprawling front or back yard instead all we have is a small outdoor space in the form of a balcony. Homeowners often struggle to design such small outdoor space without making it look cramped. I have many friends who live in tiny apartments but that's not an excuse to leave an outdoor space boring and dull. They have done their outdoor spaces tastefully and in the most elegant way. In my view, an outdoor space if done properly can be an elegant extension of a living room.

Here are some tips in case you are wondering how to make the most of the small outdoor space:

Careful planning can make the most of the limited space. Build a deck with varied heights if space allows so. Different levels will add visual interest and create a feeling of different zones. Now each zone or level can serve a different purpose. One level for seating another for pots and planters like that.

Lay out the cozy seating in outdoor space for yourself and guests to enjoy the conversation over a cup of tea. If the outdoor space is in an open area then pick the furniture that doesn't rot in extreme weather conditions, well you have lots of choices for outdoor furniture these days. If it isn't in an open area then don't worry at all about the weather and you can furnish your outdoor space with your choice of furniture like wicker, rattan, wrought iron or wooden. Folding furniture is a great spacing saving idea. Pergolas and gazebos are one of a kind and unique way to turn outdoor space into a personal resort. Especially if it is in an open area, it will allow you to entertain your guest in the outdoor space during summers too.

Now simply creating different levels and putting fancy furniture wouldn't do the job of making outdoor space lively and inviting, add some personal touches to reflect your personality. Crisp contrast can be created by placing cushions in contrasting colours on sofa or bench whereas vintage cushions can enliven the entire setting. Cushions and rugs can bring about a great change in the look and feel of the outdoor space. Artificial grass or turf instead of a rug can enhance the look of any outdoor space in a natural way.

An enchanting setting can be created by placing some eye-catching planters with pretty ornamental plants. Go vertical as it saves you space. Wooden step ladder, hanging baskets or wall mounted plant holders are the ways to add green without taking much space. Adding a water body or an attractive sculpture can add wow factor to your outdoor space.

Now place attracive accent pieces to create a focal point in your outdoor space like Moroccan lamp, sea shells, watering can that serves as a vase, some candles and tealights or any such object that create a pulled together and cozy look.

Complete the look by hanging some fairy lights and lanterns. Nothing other than a soft warm glow of dim and twinkling lights can add a charm to any space. Turn your outdoor space into a cozy romantic spot where you can entertain, work and relax by following these simple tips.

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