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INTENSE OCEAN – Timeless and Refreshing Wall Colour of the Year!

Pune posted on 04.04.2017

The Colour of the Year 2017 was announced by Asian Paints at India Design ID in New Delhi this February. The colour is Intense Ocean – not one colour, not one single shade, but a visual delight of blending colours. I love that this essence is encapsulated in its description   - Greener than blue, bluer than grey.

How is the Colour of the Year selected?

The selection of the Colour of the Year is no happy whim of a colour company. It is based on intense research by the Colour Experts at the ColourNext Labs, where scientists, designers and thought leaders put their heads together. Intense Ocean is the mirage of not just the quest for an aesthetic colour trend, but in fact a reflection of today’s political, social and economic reality – where our world is always busy, intense and volatile – where we want a quiet stop to recharge, and be ourselves and to reach to the core of our beings. The hues of Intense Ocean do just that – by letting you be, and letting you choose – whether it is the raging seas or the quiet lull of low tide intensely lapping at the beach.

The Excitement of Freedom – of hues within a colour

Freedom is possibly the most cherished state of being – for creativity and growth. Intense Ocean is a wall colour that gives you that freedom – like the ocean at its intense best – frothing on the top, with shades of ocean green swirling around, angry waves breaking on a rock, and breaking up into white sprays that refresh, designers have the freedom to take any hue or mix of ocean hues and work it into their wall colour mix.

How to use Intense Ocean in your decor

The largest areas of your room – the walls and the floors will look wonderful in Intense Ocean. Though I detest accent walls, I am warming up greatly to a wall in Intense Ocean in my bedroom. The wall paint colour is calming, yet pleasing enough to inspire. I also love the idea of Intense Ocean on a rug – I can see it in a geometric design paired with gold, or just a wave of Intense Ocean ombre shades merging into each other.

Upholstery, accent chairs, fabric curtains will all look good in a hue of Intense Ocean. Even smaller accents such as runners and cushions in Intense Ocean, can pop in a stark white room.

 But since it is a water-based colour, do aim for transparent accessories in Intense Ocean – sheers, bottles, or glass panels in Intense Ocean are not just a pretty sight, they have that quality of drawing you in, and taking you back to your last ocean vacation, or your favourite poem of the sea!

Know that Intense Ocean goes well with hundreds of other wall colour combinations – use it to your advantage to set off rust orange or even staid greys. Play with textures, geometrics and wild prints such as suzani.

Use whites to break the colour. The ocean has frothy white tips and white is a neutral that will take Intense Ocean to new levels. Do consider including white in your palette – for anything from pretty trims to painted white furniture!

What you should avoid doing with Intense Ocean

  • Avoid over matching this colour – for instance if you have a shade of dark green Intense Ocean as your wall colour desist from getting accessories in the exact shade, unless the textures on it add interest to the palette.
  • Avoid going all out with Intense Ocean – do not cover all your largest areas of the room with Intense Ocean wall paint colour – one large area and strategically placed accessories should do the trick. An ocean-coloured fretwork frame for instance can pretend to borrow Intense Ocean from a rug or sheers, but not from both the rug and the sheers.


How wonderful for a colour to evoke so much in us! It’s a colour that will look good in several decorating styles.  Here’s to the Colour of the Year then, Intense Ocean!

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