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Five Brilliant Balcony Hacks

posted on 15.04.2016

Every balcony, no matter how small, deserves a chance to be beautiful and useful

In a big city, apartment space is precious and we like to use every square inch we can. Then why do so many homes end up with balconies that are bare? Why are so many balconies given barely a look?

It’s usually the smaller balconies that cause the difficulty. Most people find it easier to decorate or plan for larger spaces, while smaller areas can be a challenge. But familiarise yourself with a few simple principles for decorating small spaces and you’ll soon be planning to redo your entire home decor. Small balconies might not be big enough to use as a different living area, but they can be turned into a beautiful oasis with these hacks.

Smart space usage

Don’t let large flower pots take up valuable ground space. Look for planters (or DIY these planters yourself!) that hang on a wall or can be suspended from hooks in the ceiling so you can use your space in other ways. To make this space doubly productive, you can use these planters to grow a small kitchen garden. Grow mint, lemon grass, basil and chillies for an aromatic garden that you’ll love using.

Choose stylish colours

You can do a lot with the right colour scheme, from influencing your mood to making a space look bigger. Choose a stylish monochrome wall paint colour to make your balcony contemporary. Find a soothing wall colour theme like pastel pink or cream, and add touches like a vintage copper bird-cage. You could go with an au naturel look with greens and stone for a tranquil, outdoors feel.

Look for quirky, economical seating

You don’t need a traditional set of chairs here. Choose from smaller sized stools, pouffes, or even a repurposed swing. Spend a lazy Sunday turning a bench into a charming seat with an easy wood distressing project.

Protect your privacy

One deterrent to having an outdoor space is the lack of privacy. If there are large multi-storeyed buildings outside, you might not like the idea of people being able to look into your balcony. To give yourself and your guests a sense of privacy, use your railings like a trellis and train climbers and creepers to grow over them in a curtain of green. You could also use bamboo screens placed strategically to protect yourself from sun and prying eyes.

Add your own touch

Touches of whimsy turn a space from utilitarian to charming. You might want to install a tinkling water fountain in a corner. Today you can find these in small sizes that can be placed in a corner and turned on whenever you want. Add a striped rug for a pop of colour, or if you’re artistic, try your hand at painting a wall. You might even like to hang up a bird feeder to encourage small friends to flutter in for a visit.

Don’t forget to install lamps or string lights for an inviting vibe. And voila! Your small balcony is now a scene for a romantic candlelit dinner, a Zen-like spot for your morning yoga, or a bright garden for a morning cup of tea.

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