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5 Ways of Using Velvet In Your Home Interior Décor

Mumbai posted on 17.04.2017

Velvet has made a big comeback in home interior decor. It’s been trending for a while, and is fast becoming one of the most sumptuous fabrics to bring into your home decor. Although it’s often associated with a vintage aesthetic, there are plenty of ways to decorate with this versatile fabric in ways that feel contemporary and chic. The texture of velvet immediately lends a sort of softness and warmth to any room. From crushed ciselé, there are many types of velvet to choose from, for almost every style of home interior desgins.


A velvet sofa can instantly add glamour to a living space. Velvet has a naturally soft and comfortable feel, making it an ideal choice to dress your sofa. Offering both opulence and comfort in equal measures, it not only lends a feeling of luxury, but makes your couch the perfect spot for relaxing. Coloured velvet makes for a stunning addition to a room, whether you choose a subtle pastel hue or a rich jewel tone. Printed velvet immediately lifts your sofa from a piece of furniture to a bold décor statement. For a more pared-back look, opt for neutral shades such as grey which are easy to style.


If an entire velvet clad sofa is too big a commitment to make in your home décor, invest in a plush wing back or lounge chair. A single velvet chair can add just the right amount of glamour to a living room without being overbearing. You can ass the elegance and opulence of velvet to your dining room with velvet upholstered chairs. When paired with a contemporary wood or metal table, they create a modern and dramatic contrast. An addition of velvet chairs can be an eye-catching way to transform an entire room. Opt for colours like grey, burgundy, deep blues, rustic red, or if you really want to create a visual anchor, try orange or green. Balance the opulence of the fabric in jewel tones by keeping everything else light and airy.


Velvet headboards are appearing all over the world, and are being welcomed as a great way to add some regal romance to your bedroom. Whether tufted or smooth, velvet headboards add glamour to the space, instantly lifting up its style quotient. The soft appearance and texture of velvet provide a great centre piece for a room, without being overwhelming.  


Velvet curtains are magnificent and bold. Top off your velvet drapes with a gold or brass curtain rod to really up the décor game. Crushed velvet blinds are another way to bring in this fabulous fabric to your window setup.


The best thing about velvet is that a little of this luxe fabric goes a long way. If you want a subtler statement than a sofa or curtains, consider using velvet accents with cushions or a footstool. Easy to use with your existing home decor, velvet cushions are the perfect way to refresh your sofa and add a touch of colour to your old upholstery without investing in new furniture. Floor cushions or a velvet upholstered footstool are another simple ways to introduce velvet to your space.

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