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Creating a Signature Wall Paint Design

posted on 14.04.2016

Turn bare walls into conversation-starters with a few unique wall decoration design ideas

For a creative homeowner, the home is an extension of their personality and interests. In homes like this, you’ll find that every item of interior home décor design expresses the experiences or the memories of the family that lives there. Whether its photographs or souvenirs brought back from memorable trips, these are the personal touches that turn a house into a home.

A more modern way to express individuality and taste is a signature wall. Your walls are the largest canvas in your house, and they’re just waiting to be splashed with all the vibrant colours of your life. Here are a few interior wall decorating home design ideas on how you can do this.

Firstly, decide what you would like to put up on your signature wall. Some chose to make a gallery of photographs. Book lovers may like to display their collection of rare editions or prized books. Intrepid travellers usually have a collection of knickknacks or art from different countries that would look great here. If you are a connoisseur of fine wines, porcelain or masks, these would all make a very striking display.

Now, you will need to create a focal point for the room by painting the signature wall. Make your decision based on what you’re putting up. Choose from a textured finish or a bright colour to really draw those eyeballs. For the more daring aesthete, choose from a variety of striking decals, or patterns like chevrons or stripes, or even use damask stencils. If you like, wallpaper or wall coverings are good options and come in a myriad colours and designs.

After this is when you decide how you will be mounting your cherished collection. Some items, like masks or photo frames, need only a nail in the wall. You may want to use unusual shelves for heavier items. Also, if possible, choose a lighting option so that your wall is at its best, day or night.

Your wall does not need to follow absolute geometric precision when it comes to mounting décor items. Even if you choose to mix textures, materials or sizes, do ensure that there is an element of harmony in all you use. For example: Choose a mix of large and small photographs in vertical and horizontal layouts, but use all black and white, or frames in the same colour. Some amount of uniformity makes it pleasing to the eye.

Choose an accent piece for your signature wall paint design. Mirrors are a contemporary theme, and will look beautiful in the centre of a collection of fine china or glassware. You could even use a vintage lampshade or the most valuable piece from your collection.

And with that, you have a signature wall textured paint design that reflects your interests in the most unusual way. Do be ready to gracefully receive compliments at your next dinner party! 

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