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Decor Inspirations: Beautiful Homes for You

India posted on 20.06.2017

Beautiful Homes, an online décor magazine is a new venture from Asian Paints that sets out to capture your heart and take you along on a unique décor journey. With its innovative design ideas, in depth focus on every aspect of what makes a home beautiful and at the same time reflects your personal style; it truly forms a comprehensive guide for all your décor requirements and inspirations. As the website describes itself, Beautiful Homes is about “Adding Beautiful to your Home, one click at a time.”

The online only décor magazine is there to inspire you, give you practical décor advice and guide you every step of the way in your quest for the perfect décor.

What it offers

The magazine presents photo galleries of inspiring homes and workspaces, offers practical décor tips, accessible design ideas that are affordable and budget friendly along with DIY guides that help you make the most of what you have at home already.

In fact, the Beautiful Homes editorial team curates the best from across the country to bring you a tour of some of the most beautiful homes in India, which you can view in their Home Tours section. You could also take a walk through some of the most inspiring work studios of India’s leading architects, interior designers and creative professionals in their Studio Tours section.

For instance, a recent article, ‘INSPIRATION: Get The Look’ features an industrial style which combines exposed brick walls, pops of red, warm wooden flooring, and industrial ducts mapping a zig zag pattern on the ceiling. It ties in the larger décor elements with quirky, personal accessories such as paintings, poster frames and a vintage typewriter. I find that this gives an interesting take on a different style possibility that you can then adapt easily to your home.

Offering tips on colour coordination, product possibilities and styling, the website offers numerous options that you can select from. Having a ready set of images that can act as a guide can be a boon for all of us, allowing us to personalise it even further.

Another feature on ‘weaves’, draws inspiration from traditional weaves from Turkey where the ‘designs are mostly symbolic of religious, talismanic or totemic meanings, and carry within the weaves the stories of their weavers’. Again, I find this a great way to learn more about the historicity of cultures, traditions, and arts and crafts of various places and draw inspiration from them.

In addition, ‘Spaces we Love’, features stunning corners from around the world and showcases some of the most beautiful hotels, boutique cafes and stores. Not only can these spaces inspire our own décor, but these are places that we can then add to our travel wish list!

Therefore, more than inspiration on the website, you will also find comprehensive tips on everything related to décor and home organisation, for instance, DIY ideas and videos, practical tips, ‘Get the Look’ sections and useful articles on styling your home.

So go ahead and check out Beautiful Homes and tell us if you found what you were looking for.

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