Home Décor Inspirations: 10 ways to hang art in your home

India posted on 23.06.2017

Displaying art in your home is a skill by itself; it requires creativity and style to hang the art in such a way that it completely transforms the space. When hanging artworks on your walls, it is important to consider the size, frames and colours of the paintings, along with the available space, its dimensions and the overall wall colour scheme.

1. A large artwork is best displayed in a central location to form the focal point of your décor. Although this is a conventional way of spotlighting art, it works well. You could try a variation where you could display it on an easel and move it to a corner, rather than suspend it on the centre of the wall.


2. Similar themed artworks look amazing when grouped together in various formations. A predominantly black and white series here is arranged on the wall, and the monochromatic colour scheme is accentuated further with the rug and accent pillows in this modern and stylish interior home décor.

3. A pop art style of work is hung close to the stair case on a blue wall that is textured, bringing the space alive with its strong dark lines, neo pop feel and lending it a bold contemporary look. A picture frame is completely unnecessary here. A perfect way to transform a corner or a wall, which will immediately grab attention.

4. A beautiful still life framed within a metallic tray is propped on a table, in proximity to real life props, creating an aesthetic setting and an unusual display. You can also try this with other still life paintings for an interesting effect.

5. An abstract work reflecting the colours in the interior home décor scheme is placed on the ground to add an informal and bohemian touch to the otherwise modern and sleek décor. Abstract or pop art are ideal for this purpose.

6. A matching two panelled graphic work in different sizes, are placed as a diptych to take up a large part of a wall. The entire décor in black and red complements the colours in the artwork and is a wonderful interior design idea. The red frames devoid of any art on another wall add an unusual twist.

7. A collection of small format artworks can also be displayed on a shelf to form an interesting arrangement. Play with size and vary the number of works in a set. Ideal for photographs and prints.

8. Similar themed artworks can be grouped on the wall in a vertical alignment, and combined with a horizontal arrangement on a close by cabinet. The unusual placement adds interest and looks very eye catching, especially as they are placed against a luxurious red wall. Perfect for minimal art.

9. When the genre of the art is similar, you can combine different sizes of works to place the large work centrally on a wall and have the smaller works towards one side. It is not always necessary to have symmetry but you should aim for balance. Works well for large spaces and adds a sense of drama.

10. Hang the artworks in a linear arrangement on the dining room wall to add colour and class to your décor. This works well for small watercolours and oils, and even prints. Make sure the frames are same to tie the look together.

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