Decor Inspirations: Ideas to make your workspace anything but boring

India posted on 20.02.2017


These days, many of us work from home either by choice or due to circumstances. Whether we have a small table and chair in the corner of a room or a separate area dedicated as our workplace, there is no reason why our office should appear boring. Home workspace must be away from the humdrum of the rest of the household, it should be well lit and encourage productivity. Apart from these basic criteria, it helps to personalise and revitalize up the space, so that you feel like ‘going’ to work.

Here are some ways to brighten up a home workplace,

Let there be light

Natural light is best and having your desk near a window can be quite invigorating, however if you are the kind to get easily distracted by all that is going on outside the window, then you may want to sit away from the window. Suspend beautiful ceiling lamps for task lighting as they look great and also give you enough light to work with. A decorative table lamp is also a good addition for both light and in terms of décor.


Wall art

A beautiful painting or a stunning photograph looks great instead of blank walls. Choose your favourites artist, colour scheme and genre and put it up right in front of where you work. Landscapes and scenes depicting outdoors help in bringing nature in. Change the paintings periodically to add interest. Humorous and inspirational quotes are also perfect for wall art and help in uplifting your spirits.


Table décor

Apart from your computer or laptop, personalise the space with fresh flowers and family photographs. Strike a balance between décor and functionality.


Organize it

A cluttered environment can be the biggest turn off and makes your office look unkempt. It also affects your efficiency. Opt for trendy attractive organizers which combine functionality with design, for instance have plenty of trays, bins or baskets to separate papers, which helps in keeping the place organized and uncluttered. Organize the space in a manner that suits your working style and ensures an effortless workflow while ensuring your work table looks clean and orderly.



Add a personal touch

If colour inspires you, make sure you choose the right colours on the walls around your workspace. Select bright colours that enhance your creativity and productivity. Instead of opting for boring office furniture choose a colourful desk, or a vintage table and shelf, a beautiful armchair with embroidered cushions, or anything that is stylish and which has aesthetic appeal. This will not only brighten up the space but will also inspire you to spend time there. 

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