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How to give your room a complete makeover using interior decor design ideas

posted on 15.04.2016

Ideas to make a few small changes to get big results for your room interior designs

Considering some big design changes for your room interior decor? No matter how much you love your home, there are some days when you just want a new look. Or maybe you’re having a party and want to make your room look welcoming and festive.

One of the most effective ways to give your room a fresh new lease of life is to paint it with a fresh new colour combinations. Experiment with a textured paint finish or decals and stencils or a signature wall for a more contemporary look if you really want to liven it up. But there are also a few ways you can give your room a makeover without having to spend a lot. Here are some speedy tips:

Declutter: A minimalistic look for a room is very avant garde at the moment, and will be for some time. This is one of the easiest ways to make your rooms feel brand-new. Put things back where they belong, and clear away small items from counters and table tops. After this, you can give the room a quick dusting and clean the floors. Your room should already be feeling brighter and more spacious.

Take away the extras: Very often, if we’ve lived in a space for long enough, our rooms begin to accumulate pieces of furniture and decorative items. You should now remove a few pieces to give yourself some breathing room. Things like extra cushions, photo-frames that are crowded onto one shelf, books or magazines that have piled up in a corner – all these can easily be moved into other spaces.

Evaluate your furniture: Do you have your largest pieces of furniture in the middle of the room? Are your sofas or chairs arranged in a cosy manner? This is the time to move them around. There are no rules for this. If you’ve always had your furniture pushed back against the walls, bring them forward into an intimate circle in the centre, making space to walk around. Or you could try rearranging your furniture into smaller circles. This is a good idea for parties when people don’t know each other and may form small groups for conversation.

Use furniture creatively: Your book shelf doesn’t need to be pushed against the wall all the time. Use it to divide the room into two sections. You might like to distress the wood to give it a picturesque period look, and hang pictures on it. Your sofa could act as a divider too, and has the added benefit of not obstructing the line of view in the room.

Change the colour scheme: Changing your curtains and cushion covers is a quick, easy way to change the colour scheme of your room. If you’ve always had soothing neutrals, pick a vibrant red and contrast it with pops of neon. Instantly, your room looks different. You can experiment with different room interior designs, colour combinations, themes, and plenty more. You could even update your sofa with a brand-new slipcover.

Reconsider your photographs or art: You may not be able to do much about where your picture frames hang, but you can control the type of art or photographs inside, and the type of frames you use. Switch modern frames for antique wood frames, or mix metallic shades with classic black frames. Maybe you want to display a collection of art from around the world, or maybe you want to put up only family pictures – just make sure you’re not repeating the same theme.

Change your lighting: Make a room feel warmer and more intimate by creating lighting options for different situations. Look for elegant floor lamps or vintage lampshades to use during a party instead of a harsh overhead light. Position a lamp close to the sofa or armchair so that reading is easy. A string of small lights strung over windows or behind lace curtains adds an ethereal appeal to any room.

Accessorize: This is the most fun part! Just like accessories can change an outfit, it is the small thoughtful touches that will give a room a certain charm. Put a few green potted plants on bare surfaces to soothe and relax. Lay a pretty shawl or throw over the edge of a sofa to make it more inviting. Dab a few drops of your favourite essential oil on the ring of a bulb (when cold), so that when switched on, the heat causes a pleasant fragrance to fill the room.

Your room should be completely different now. If you’ve given your room a spectacular makeover like this, do share pictures with us. 

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