Summer Inspired Wall Colour Decorating Ideas

Mumbai posted on 14.06.2017

Summer is here, and with the sun beating down on us, we all are feeling the need to move from the warm, dark winter colours to the bright sunshine-loving wall paint colours in our homes. Colours that say flowers in bloom, warm afternoons, and that refreshing morning breeze, and brighten our homes, slowly bringing us to embrace the ample sunshine. And nothing says ‘summer’ more than a coat of vibrant, bright paint colour on the walls of a house. An all-out paint job, however, might not be on the cards for everyone. But don’t let that stand in the way of giving your home a welcome summer makeover. A single wall, dressed in summer-inspired colour combinations can uplift the ambience of an entire room, and we have put together a small list of wall decor ideas that will add a little spice to every room in your home.

Royale Play from Asian Paints offers an extensive palette of special effects that can add just the right playful environment or serene atmosphere to your room, with just an accent wall. Get inspired by summer colours rendered into textured themes that will elevate the mood of an entire room by unfolding their magic on just one wall.

Red, the colour of love is a powerful, inspiring hue all by itself. There are so many variants of red to bring its vibrant energy into your home. Moreover, red on one wall ensures that the colour does not overpower the rest of the room. Bring in any of the shades – lipstick, tomato or cherry red – to infuse summer pep to your interiors. Particularly when paired with other colour, these reds burst out in a cheery way. Royale Play Fizz incorporates Crimson Red in a bubbly, youthful texture to liven up your interiors.

The most jubilant colour of the rainbow, yellow, is one summer favourite to bring into your home. Imagine waking up to a splash of yellow on one of your walls! Royale Luxury Combing is a fun technique to use the vivid yellow in a striated effect that creates waves and curves to make a stunning accent wall.

Basecoat: royale luxury emulsion mango shake 7960

Topcoat: royale play special effects greenery 7806

Blue is the perfect wall colour for turning your bedroom into a soothing sanctuary. It helps the space acquire a cool, calm and collected vibe – so essential for a space dedicated to rest and repose. This tranquil shade, drawn from Mother Nature is apt for conveying the summer mood. Use the Royale Play Weaving wall treatment to pair it with green for a texture that is rich and soothing at the same time.

Basecoat1: royale luxury emulsion caribbean green 7512

Basecoat2: royale luxury emulsion out of the blue 9151

Topcoat: royale play special effects night edition 7429


Orange is perhaps the most citrus-infused colour from the summer inspired palette. Invoking the pleasant imagery of freshly-squeezed orange juice or a juicy tangerine segment, orange brings a burst of instantaneous energy in any interior space. Consider mixing a deeper shade of orange with a more vibrant hue for depth and aesthetic appeal. Delta is a fluid texture from Royale Play, and will create a calming ambience with its dramatic layers.

Basecoat: royale luxury emulsion mango 7909

Topcoat: royale play special effects glowing rust X112

After the blue of the clear skies, the most dominant colour of summer is green. As the weather transitions from spring to full-fledged summer blossoms and deep greens of the gardens and the trees, this refreshing cool tone of the summer takes over the world around us. Very on-trend right now, Green creates a perfect little spot of summer haven in a home. Royale Play’s Ragging, a faux finish technique, will transform the appearance of the entire room by adding some old world charm to contemporary settings.

Basecoat: royale luxury emulsion teal blast 7503

Topcoat: royale play special effects organic green 7766

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