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How to Choose Furniture for Your Space

posted on 15.04.2016

Top 6 tips on choosing furniture that is perfect for your home decor and for you

Your choice of furnishing can make or break the look of your home if not appropriate for the size, function, and style of the room. Our discussion encompasses the curtains, carpets, rugs, pillows, cushions and furniture that you choose.

There are a wide range of furnishings available these days. How do you choose between the patterns, textures, and colour furniture wood finishes that will fit your home? We all worry about making a décor mistake and having to live with it, but we’re here to give you a simple guide to making the right choice.

Tip 1. Budget yourself

Know the price you are looking for before you go shopping. You can look online to understand the average costs of the type of furniture you are keen on buying, so you know what to plan for. There are also plenty of cost-effective ways to change your home interior décor, so do look for inspiration there too.

Tip 2. Look for dual functions

If you are on a tight budget or furnishing a smaller-sized space, do consider investing in multi-functional furniture like sofa-beds or coffee tables with storage drawers. Even for bigger rooms, it makes sense to buy folding or stackable pieces so that you have options when you want to move furniture for parties, house guests, or just to create more space. 

Tip 3. Keep minimal lines

One usually wants rooms with plenty of open space so that movements are not restricted. Try to avoid buying bulky furniture that will take up space and make a room look small. If you have to buy big furniture like a sofa, look for one that isn’t elaborate and overly cushioned. Large pieces should be pushed against walls to create space in the rest of the room. It is important to maintain visual harmony or balance, no matter how you lay out a room.

Tip 4. Use optical illusions

Look at how your furnishings make your room look larger. For example, choosing curtains that touch the floor can make a room look more spacious and luxurious. A pale colour on your walls can have the same effect. Use mirrors and light to draw attention to different parts of the room to increase the feeling of space.

Tip 5. Use colour smartly

When planning your furnishings, choose colours that work with each other, so you can switch your décor around easily. For example, a chocolate brown sofa will work equally well with floral patterned cushions and curtains in summer, or with deep purple silk cushions and curtains in winter. If you aren’t sure, use monochrome colours for large furnishings like sofas, carpets, etc., and experiment with different prints and patterns with the smaller pieces.  

Tip 6. Look at the long-term

Buy furniture that will last for a long time, without looking dull or worn. You might want to invest in materials that are easy to clean if you have young children or a large family. Will you need to shampoo your sofa or carpet frequently? Are you willing to invest the time and cost for regular cleaning of bamboo blinds? These questions will help you make decisions about your purchases, and can help avoid the regret of impulse buys.

Above all, remember that there are no rules when it comes to décor. Many creative homeowners successfully mix patterns and colours to create brilliant colour palettes or themes. It’s your canvas, so feel free to splash on it!

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