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Four Ways to Freshen up Your Home

posted on 15.04.2016

You don’t need extensive makeovers to make your home feel new again. Try these easy tips instead.

Our homes are our castles, and we all take pride in keeping it as comfortable as we possibly can. There’s nothing quite as welcoming as a clean, fresh home that looks like someone cares for it.

Home improvement projects are always fun to do, and they needn’t always be expensive. Even a small change, when well planned and executed with love, can make a big difference in the way your home feels. 

Here are some easy ways to revamp your home without diving too deep into your savings. These tips will keep your home looking good between extensive makeovers.

Use wallpaper

Using wallpaper is a more contemporary décor concept for many Indian homes, and will add a very special look to your home. Even if the cost of wallpapering your entire home seems too much, you can try it on a smaller scale by just covering one wall. This works especially well when you have a large room with plain walls, but it adds a special luxe element to a smaller room too. Choose a dramatic pattern that you love to make a fabulous statement.

Kitchen pullouts

When the kitchen has been the centre of your home for years, it needs frequent updates. As kitchens grow older, appliances get less effective, and deep shelves and cabinets hide all manner of bits and pieces. If you don’t want to upgrade your entire kitchen just yet, consider upgrading your kitchen cabinets. Pull-out cabinets turn wasted space into accessible storage space. You’ll find that it becomes easier to tidy the kitchen when you can put anything away in your cabinets, knowing it’ll be easy to reach when you want it next.

Storage in forgotten corners

Every home has deep corners and under-utilised space in their homes. And every home could always use extra storage space. Take a look with new eyes to find ignored spots that you can turn into a place to keep something. Got a stairway in the house? Shelves and cabinets there are a great place for your books, or a display unit. Look under and around beds and on top of cupboards. A set of simple wicker baskets stacked on a shelf can look aesthetic and help organize your home better.

Get a deep clean

You work hard to keep your home free from the litter, dirt, dust and hair that accumulates. But what we can manage on a daily level is not deep cleaning. For real freshness, get a professional cleaning service for your carpets, sofa, blinds or curtains. Although you will need to spend on this, you’ll have a home that is free of allergens, stains, deep-seated dust, and mildew.

Invest in modern furniture

Small thoughtful touches can make a home seem more luxurious. Look for items that reflect your personality and are not necessities, but nice-to-have pieces. A wine-rack, for example, can make a corner look charming. Woodwork boxes for tissues, ceramic incense burners, hand-painted coasters – all these are imaginative ways to bring instant glamour to utilitarian spaces.

Add some green

It’s a proven fact that plants have numerous benefits when introduced to a home. They make your air cleaner and fresher, help reduce stress, and of course, look delightful. Bring in small, sturdy plants that don’t require much care if you haven’t got much experience, and find nooks to keep them in pretty planters. Different plants suit different places, like bathroom shelves, kitchen windows, living room spaces, and in bedrooms too.   

It isn’t important how much you spend on projects like these. You can make large changes with thought, imagination and a little creativity. The key is to add elements of comfort and indulgence without running up big bills. With these tips, you can make your home look good and feel new, almost instantly.

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