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Use Wall Colour Shades to Make a Small Room Appear Larger

Mumbai posted on 16.09.2016

What makes a home beautiful, warm and welcoming? It’s a lot of things really, but large sprawling rooms are definitely not a compulsion. Huge spaces where your voice would echo if you were to yell aren’t the must-have component of a stunning home. Small, cozy houses are just as capable of making a visitor fall in love with them and never ever want to leave. I like to call these houses “small homes with a big heart”. And in no way should you feel hampered by your small space, because there are ways aplenty to make your small rooms appear much larger than they are.

Wall Colour Shades is not just an integral aspect of interior décor. It has, indeed, the power to create believable illusions. With the use of certain wall colours and colour combinations you can make the smallest space seem airy, and inviting.

While choosing interior colour design for your small living rooms,bedrooms etc., the number one factor to consider is the amount of natural light that enters the room. Opt for light but bright shades, which bounce back more light than they absorb, making your room feel open and airy, and helping maximize the effect created by natural light. Dark colours, on the other hand, absorb light, and can make the same room look smaller. White painted ceilings can also make a room appear larger.

White walls always create an optical illusion of a larger space. The white wall colour shade provides a versatile backdrop for just about any kind of interior décor design, and is the perfect companion for darker furniture colours, as well as bold accents. Even in a tiny room, with white all around, you can paint a dramatic accent wall without making the other walls close in around you. Think black and white stripes, a deep shade of red, grey, cobalt blue, coral or emerald-green. With the remaining walls covered in white, your room will still appear larger. 

A mellow shade of yellow is a wonderful colour to make a tiny room appear bigger. Choose from softer shades of lemon, like Asian Paints’ Lemon Burst 7864, Lemon Sprig 7873, or Yellow Marigold 7862. You can mix it with darker contrasts, dressing up a narrow room in vertical stripes to create the feeling of a wider space. Use a predominantly citrus theme, incorporating a sorbet orange or light lime green to create visual breaks.

Lighter blues like Asian Paints’ Star Gaze 7364, and soothing greens like Green Lawns 7845 let you work with colours within a neutral theme, helping create a setup that enlarges and brightens your space. They work well with many other shades, like pink, blue, white, or yellow. To create some intense visual colour drama, just use a darker trim - a vibrant emerald, a lush forest green, or a rich glass-bottle green. Blue provides a versatile canvas as well. Pair it with a white trim to create a classic, vintage look while also making the room appear bigger. Light colors and neutrals are always a classic option for small spaces, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo bold colors when you want to make a room seem bigger. The key is to remember to balance out that colour with softer neutrals so that the room is not overwhelming.

Almost all hues of orange radiate warmth and generate happiness. Orange on the walls is always a bold and uplifting move. It is an elegant and sophisticated colour that exudes the relaxed energy needed to make a room appear lighter and brighter. I love Asian Paints’ Orange Nectar 8024 and Mango Shake 7960 for their cheery energy.

Delicate pastel hues are another tested way to make any space look bigger. Mix colours like pink, mauve, peach, lilac or lavender with tan, beige, or cream trim to keep the scheme from becoming overly feminine. You can choose from Asian Paints’ pastels series – Pastel Grey, Pastel Perfect or Pastel Frog - for their sublime elegance. Keep the door and window frames neutral, and add accents with darker shades from the same colours.

What are some of your favorite tricks for opening up a room? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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