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Get the Perfectly Eclectic Vintage Home Interior Décor Design Ideas

Mumbai posted on 20.12.2016

What’s old is chic again. Vintage is perhaps one of the most popular styles, and for the longest time, has been in focus with fashion, interior décor and home styles. But what is vintage style really? How does one achieve a delightfully eclectic vintage look in home décor without going overboard? Is vintage just an oddball collection of old items or does achieving a visually inviting vintage look requires a lot more than that? There are lots of elements that can add to your vintage décor, and really, it’s just not possible to cover all of them in one go. In this article, we discuss some basics of the vintage style, and how to create it using some basic wooden furniture and accents.

Modern items can add to vintage style. There is no need to go antiques hunting to create the perfect vintage style.  You can now get enough furniture and accents that are created to look just like vintage ones. Vintage style armoires and chest-of-drawers can now be easily found at your local furniture store. If you don’t have inherited old items in your home, just bring in some really trendy Faux Vintage. You can buy earthen pots with vintage finish to give a distinctive country-home twist to your eclectic décor.

Vintage has no geography. If you really want an eclectic vintage look, don’t limit your furniture and accents to a certain country or cultural area. Vintage means traditions from the past which are reinterpreted in the present. So let your imagination run wild and mix vintage style furniture or decorations from the Africa or Middle-East with Asian influences. Your old earthenware jars from an Indian village can sit pretty alongside a European Chaise-lounge. No rules broken.

Play with material. With no limits on period and geography, you can find other common points to bring your eclectic vintage together. And that is the material. In a room full of heavy wooden furniture, use distressed, wooden photo frames or a mirror mount to create a theme. Add a vintage dressing table to your cozy, feminine bedroom, adding to the delicate design already present. A vintage kitchen table will be right at home among shelves full of old earthenware.

Fake it like a pro. Got some old, jaded suitcases lying around? Turn them into vintage home decor accessories. Get creative and paint them in quirky colors, stack them together in a corner. You’ve got a vintage décor and a great way to store small stuff. Makeover regular lamps with vintage fabric, decorate them with laces and bows. Add a ruffled skirt to a plain wooden bed bringing together a fun vintage-inspired look in the room.

Flaunt vintage colours. Colours like pale blue or copper shades go well with vintage decor. Distressed white is another way to make your furniture look like it belongs to another era. Choose from a wide variety of Asian Paints wood finishes for furniture to achieve the desired look for every room. Choose from a vast palette of Asian Paints acrylic paints to create a distinct patina of aged wooden furniture. You can find ample online tutorials giving step-by-step instructions on how to achieve that stunning distressed look. Surprisingly, the process is relatively simple.

Give old furniture a new lease of life.  That old, neglected chair at your grandma’s house needs just a new coat of wooden polish or paint, along with a new cushion adorned in vintage fabric to become the new conversation starter in your living room. It will not only have a vintage appeal, but will also add a sentimental value to your decor. A massive four-poster bed can be revived with Asian Paints Woodtech Polish and Stains, creating a regal looking vintage wall designs for a bedroom!

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