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Pune posted on 18.05.2017

South facing homes (homes in which the front door faces the South) are said to be prosperous according to both Vastu Shasthra and Feng Shui principles, provided certain principles are adhered to. One of these is choosing the right wall paint colour for your South-facing home’s external walls. Because, if your wall paint colour is harmonious with the energy of the direction it faces to, you will be able to positively enhance the environment and energy in your home.

Here are 10+ paint colour ideas for south facing homes that will help you get your colours right!

​​1. To paint or not to paint the front door?

Vastu is neutral about door colours for south facing homes, even though it has other guidelines about doors. However, Feng Shui advocates that the right choice of door colours makes a big difference in strengthening the energy of a space. Feng Shui recommends a red door paint and recommends Fire energy colours such as Red, Deep Orange, Dark Yellow, Purple and Strong Pink. These colours also compliment Green. So it is okay to have a bit of green on your front door.

Wood complements the Fire energy colours, and is a prominent choice for door designs in Vastu, so you could opt for a natural wood finish too.


2. External Wall Colours
Both Vastu and Feng Shui strongly advocate the benefits of using the right colour combinations for external walls of south facing homes.

  • Green and purple are favourites of Feng Shui, as are other Fire energy colours, even for the external walls. These colours hold good for external south facing gates too.
  • According to Feng Shui, white, blue and other cool colours are a big no-no for south facing homes.
  • Vastu also recommends a warm colour, and the top choices for external walls in Vastu are Coral Red and Pink

​3. Internal wall colours

  • According to Vasthu, the southern most of the wall should also be painted in a Fire energy colour, preferably red, so as to ‘lock--in’ the positive energy.
  • The other walls can be neutral – greys and beiges are preferred to whites and blacks.
  • Pink is a great colour for a marital bedroom because it facilitates passion as well as settles relationship conflicts. You can also use pink in any other part of a South-facing home. However, stay away from deep or dark red shades in the bedroom.
  • If you are aspiring to achieve something, or have a focussed goal in mind, use a deep orange shade in the south-facing wall of your bedroom. Orange is also a great option for the puja room.
  • For the kids’ room and kitchen you can opt for neutrals or sunny yellows, as they are in line with South-facing energies.
  • Feng Shui recommends neutrals like greys, whites and beiges in the interiors of a home.
  • You can check out the wide range of shades available with Asian Paints Colour - Catalogue. With a collection of over 1800 shades, the ideas are infinite.

When colours are aligned with the principles of Vastu or Feng Shui, positive energies are released and imbibed. It is also a great way to ensure harmony and a peaceful, meditative environment in your home.

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