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Given the huge burden on our planet and limited resources it would make a huge difference if we adopted environment friendly options in our daily lives. When it comes to home décor, here too we can opt for eco-friendly products and implement concepts that are derived from green buildings and traditional wisdom that support sustainable solutions.

Environment friendly interior design starts from designing buildings that utilise natural materials and optimise the use of air, water and sunlight. Not only are such buildings environment friendly, but are also a healthier option as they maximize sunlight, natural ventilation and harvest rainwater (which is a lot less polluted compared to groundwater). In terms of décor too, products that are made with traditional knowledge, from natural or biodegradable materials, are recycled or upcycled are clear winners.


Whenever possible, recycle existing products to give them a new form or shape. For instance, utilise and convert wood from old beds into dining tables, accent tables, shelves and so on. When using antique wood, style it into pieces which highlight the grains of the natural wood and make it look more attractive.

Recycle Interior Design For Home

Wall paints

For wall paint, choose paints that have fewer harmful chemicals and emit fewer toxins and are environment friendly in comparison to other paints. Instead of throwing away leftover paint, mix and match to see what interesting colours emerge, these can be used on smaller surfaces. Else, swap or give these away to someone who requires them.


Bright coloured kitchen towels, tea towels and table linen made out of fabric are friendlier options compared to paper towels and plastic tablecloth and mats. Decorate cloth towels with lace, trim or fabric paint to make them more attractive.

Table linen made of natural materials such as grass, leaves and other eco-friendly materials look colourful and amazing. These are another great option at having a green décor. You can also recycle bed sheets into towels and table linen – just use your imagination and search the internet for decorating ideas.

Rugs which are woven from natural fibres are also aesthetically pleasing to look at and an eco-friendly choice.


Reuse glassware wherever possible, for instance you can use glass bottles beautifully in décor. You can paint them, fill them with coloured stones or beads to create your own decorative works.

There are endless ideas if you put in sufficient effort to look for green sustainable options, which do not put further stress on depleting non-renewable resources.

Make it a point to adopt at least one eco-friendly idea this earth day and also share your tips on environment friendly decorating solutions with us. 

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