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How to Give Your Vanity a Nautical Makeover

mumbai posted on 21.08.2018

Live Stylishly with Asian Paints is back to help you revamp your home! Find inspiration, put together a colour palette and learn tricks and techniques – as we take you on a journey to explore a new theme each month! For this month’s makeover, we’re exploring a fun, nautical theme for one of the most important spaces in the house – the bathroom.

We’ve rounded up 5 quick steps to ensure that you’re off to a good start:

Step 1: Pick a theme

The average person starts and ends his day in the bathroom, it is where we find peace and where inspiration strikes. It’s only fitting to pick a theme that sets the mood to unwind and relax, like a mini-holiday to break through the routine.

If you’re someone who dreams of holidays at the beach – the nautical theme is the right match for your bathroom. The bright sun, vast sea, boats and striped towels serve as inspiration to set sail to your dreams.

Step 2: Choosing a colour palette

Now that we have a theme in mind, let’s move to one of the most essential factors in bringing together a cohesive look – the perfect colour palette. A nautical theme calls for vibrant blues and striking contrasts to inspire a connection to the sea, but you don’t have to restrict it to just that. We’ve put together a colour palette that strikes the right balance between bright hues, subdued shades and essential neutrals.

Step 3: Choose a statement piece

Having one statement piece in the bathroom can add that wow factor every time you walk in. A vanity not only defines the aesthetic of your bathroom but also serves well as a storage space and helps to keep plumbing concealed.

Step 4: Make it POP!

To take your vanity from drab to fab, stay true to the nautical theme with a deep blue. Call attention to it even further by adding metallic accents.

Step 5: Play with shapes and contrast

One of the most important things on your vanity (and in your bathroom) is the sink! While it still remains largely functional, the shape and colour can influence the overall look.

Too blue and it will blend in with the vanity, too angular and it may stray from your overall theme. For this bathroom, we went with a round sink in classic white to add some much-needed contrast!


Once you have the statement piece in place, use it as a central point and design the rest of your bathroom around it. Stay tuned to Live Stylishly to go that ‘nautical’ mile and give your bathroom a complete makeover with the right accessories, beautiful walls and exciting DIYs.

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