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How to Use Bold Patterns in a Living room

Mumbai posted on 10.09.2018

Create a visual punch with some dramatic patterns and colours in the living room. However, balance is key in maintaining the aesthetic without making it garish. Here are some dos and don’ts for achieving this look:


1. Figure out the focal point

Most rooms have a focal point that determines the style of the space – this is what your eyes see first, every time you enter the room. It can be a large mirror, entertainment centre or the seating area. Once you have figured out the space, use bright bold colours / prints to highlight the same.

2.  Accent wall

Creating an accent wall is the easiest and most common method for introducing bold colours. Use a bold wallpaper with stripes or large floral patterns to uplift the living room. This is also helpful in case you want to change the focal point of your living room.


3.  Bold art work

For those who are not sure where to begin, start by introducing a pop of colour with an oversized, busy art work. Choose a painting you relate to and your colour palette and style will follow. Paintings not only bring attention to the room’s colours, but also offer a point of visual interest. Invest in large triptychs to further increase the burst of colours. 

4.  Accent chairs

Another option is to have a singular piece of furniture serve as a focal point for the room. Choose decorative chairs, tables or even sideboards and a bookcase in bright colours so that those can be changed or repainted periodically without undergoing major civil work.

5.  Highlight the floor

You can make a big statement by using a graphic floor tile in fun colours. You can either keep the rest of the decor neutral to draw emphasis to the floor or take cues for colour from your accent pieces. Alternatively throw a multi-coloured/ busy patterned rug on the floor in front of your sofa and create drama by adding a few accent coloured cushions.


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