Tricks To Make Your Ceiling Look High

Mumbai posted on 03.02.2017


Hey, want to make your ceiling look like one from an era where space was no constraint? Here are a few tricks to keep up your sleeves to add more visual height to your spaces. I promise you no constructional changes.

Look for low seating: To balance the low ceiling choose low seating arrangement, one that’s preferably horizontal. This is to create the illusion of a high ceiling and maximize height. Honestly, if you have a view, you are a winner.



Add curtain rods very close to the roof: To make your ceiling look higher, add curtain rods close to the ceiling and let your curtains run from the ceiling to the floor. This will create the illusion of a higher ceiling. If you keep your curtain rods levelled to the windows your room will look smaller in height.

Use glass or simple window coverings: Glass somehow opens up the space and brings outdoor in, which in turn makes your room look spacious. If you have seen my home, you’ll notice how a 500 sq. foot home looks much taller and bigger than it actually is.

Use vertical stripes: Vertical stripes slims your space down and gives you the illusion of height. So if you can spend some time with paint, add vertical lines to your wall. It’ll make your ceiling look high.

Use patterns in drapes: Why? Because they lead the eye up to give a feeling of height. Also do not use patterns that conflicts with the other prints in the room. This is a very effective idea to make your ceiling look taller.

Opt for a vertical wall art or display: What you are doing here, essentially, is creating the illusion of height. To make your ceiling look higher add an artwork that run all the way up to the ceiling or create avant garde wall display of plants now that greenery is in trend. All of the above can make your ceiling look tall.

Add lights from the ceiling: If you bounce light off the ceiling, it will make your ceiling look higher. You could add sconces and torchieres or cove lighting as well to get the effect. We really like torchieres even if they are the cheaper option.

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