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DIY projects for your weekend

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Turn your weekend into an art session that benefits your home and relaxes you

How many times have you gone shopping, looking for something pretty for that corner or that nook at home, only to come back disappointed? Sometimes, you don’t see anything that matches your pocket, or your ideas of what you want.

That’s when DIY projects like these come in handy. They’re self-paced, cost-effective, and give you the results you want.

Wallpaper a wall

This is the biggest DIY project on the list, so we’re putting it right at the top. If you’re good with your hands, putting up wallpaper doesn’t have to be difficult. Turn a wall covered in age stains or yellowing paint into a beautiful accent wall in your room. Buy the right size in a colour you love, and follow the instructions to put it up. You can even cut it to a smaller size and frame it to look like a piece of art.

Make drawers look unique

Generic wooden drawers and display cabinets receive a whole new lease of life when you spend a little time on them. You can distress the wood for a vintage look, polish them, and paint the knobs or handles in a pattern that reflects the rest of your room. You won’t be able to recognize it by the time you’re done!

Repurpose junk for a boost of creative satisfaction

You’ll feel thrilled when you turn something that was about to be thrown away into a piece of art. And here’s a perfect project. Save up old glass bottles and jars, wash them and scrape clean of labels and stickers, and paint in an opaque shade. Sheer genius! With a few flowers or embellishments, these bottles turn from household waste into chic home décor.

Apply yourself to appliqué

Bestow new life upon cushion covers or upholstery with your embroidery, crochet or appliqué skills. But do it different this time – look online for inspiration for more modern ways to use traditional skills that all of us practised during our school days. You’ll find it relaxing, and you’ll bring your own touch to your home.


Wear your heart on your walls

Do you collect something? Make a splash by displaying them in creatively around your home. Whether its old books, hats, jam jars, plates, or bottle openers from around the world, put them up for display. You could even build a photo gallery on your wall if you’re an amateur photographer. It’s your home; if it doesn’t reflect what makes you tick, what will? Apart from adding a bit of drama to your home, it’s also an excellent conversation starter!

Once you get bitten by the DIY bug, there’s no stopping you. You’ll find yourself browsing online, looking for your next project to start on. Which of these do you think you’ll be starting this weekend?


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