Creative Ways To Style Your Indoor Plants

Mumbai posted on 24.02.2017


Indoor plants bring in life, colour and beauty to a room. Apart from bringing a sliver of the outdoors within your walls, they are also a surprisingly versatile décor tool, much like your furniture and artwork. We have listed some creative ways to help you style your indoor plants as a unique feature of your decor.

Ceiling hung or wall mounted: For rooms with limited floor or surface space, plants come as a visual boon. Get a vertical wall planter, or hang your overflowing plant from the ceiling in an attractive macramé holder. Hanging plants is one of the easiest ways to achieve height and scale in your decor.  Objects suspended from the ceiling allow the eye to take an interesting visual journey upwards towards the hanging plants, turning them into living artworks.


Style that awkward corner: Plants work well in room corners where nothing else fits and in otherwise awkward and wasted spaces. Use a plant grouping with a contrasting mix of sizes and shapes for heightened visual interest. A neglected corner can come alive even with a single large plant like a palm. It’s amazing what a big concrete pot with a tall plant can do to an otherwise dead space.


Delightful vignettes: Potted plants can become a life-filled focal point on your furniture. Use them on a side table, mantle, shelf or even a coffee table as living, breathing decorations. You can even use them as a part of a stunning vignette by gathering other décor objects around them.


Jungle room: The trend caught on last year, and we believe that it’s going to stay awhile. Create your own indoor garden by placing potted plants of different sizes and heights through an entire room. Vary the level of the plants by placing them on shelves, iron pedestals and other surfaces as well as the floor, so they blend seamlessly into your room’s décor, while drawing the eye to various levels across the space.


Heavenly headboard: This has been one of the most unique plant-styling ideas around. In a small bedroom, with no space for a large, dramatic headboard, this can be a game changer. Mount a pegboard above your bed to hold not just your small knickknacks but also a couple of little potted plants. 


Green bathroom: Elevate your bathroom’s style to spa level with an abundance of houseplants. Put small, potted ones on the shelves, or if you have the space, create a mini tropical garden with a cluster of potted plants that will make you dream of beaches and hills every time you step in.


Succulent Bookends: Low maintenance succulents are a simple yet unusual way to add a unique touch of greenery to any bookcase. Just turn them into bookends by planting them in clear vases filled with colourful stones.


Picture perfect shelf: Use plants as styling props on your shelving units. A pop of green can be used to break the space, and give a visual anchor to all your books and décor accents. Even in a kitchen, small plants placed on a shelf can bring welcome visual respite.

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