Living Room Interior Designs For Small Living Rooms

Mumbai posted on 31.01.2018

A small room can be made to appear bigger by simply tricking the eye to perceive it to be bigger than it actually is. It is the key to create space with visual wizardry. When designing for a small living room, it is important to keep in mind that most of the regular living room interior design ideas will not work for a small living room. For families who live in small houses, using the vertical space optimally will take attention away from the limited floor space. Here are a few ideas that explain how more visual space can be created to get the feel of a bigger room.


Mirrors Carve Out More Space

A mirror, strategically placed in a small space, will instantly create the feeling of more space. A large mirror placed in a central location, behind a light source, will create a focal point that reflects light and creates an airy ambience in the room. A mirror placed across from a window will reflect the natural light and create an illusion of a second window. Here the eye perceives the reflections as extra space making the living room appear bigger than it actually is.


Neutral Colours Visually Enhance Space

Using neutral, light wall colours on walls and floors will add a sense of airiness by visually expanding the available space. A palette of mutually complimentary light shades will serve to enhance the effect beautifully. Light colours also tend to reflect light which creates more illumination. The soft hues of light wall colour combinations having a calming effect while lending a touch of sophistication to the room.


Lightweight Furniture

While selecting furniture for a small living room, it is important to take into consideration its visual weight. This concept refers to a combination of a furniture’s design, size and colour. A light coloured sofa will be visually lighter than a dark coloured one. Similarly, a glass-topped coffee table will be much more suited to a small space than a wooden one as it allows light to pass through. This helps create the impression of more space.


Divert Attention Away From The Floor

The walls and the windows can be your best friends in a small space. They can draw attention away from the limited floor space of a small room. A window can be covered with flowing floor-to-ceiling drapes to enhance the vertical space of the room. Once the eye is drawn upwards, it takes attention away from the physical size of the space. Having small to midsize artwork on the walls also diverts attention away from the floor space. But this has to be done in moderation as having too many will have the opposite of the desired effect.


Less Is More

Too much furniture in a small room will unnecessarily fill up the limited space even more. Taking a step back and being selective when picking the furniture allows you to limit the furniture and maximise the space in the room. The visual weight of the furniture is also important. If a sofa seems to fill up the room, it may be better to let go of the sofa in favour of a set of chairs arranged around a coffee table. Armless chairs are even better as they take up lesser space than one with arms. Such careful analysis of the available options will help you be smart in decorating your small living room interior design.


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