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Interior Home Wall Painting Ideas with Stylish Textures & Designs - Asian Paints

Mumbai posted on 19.04.2018

Colours are a very important part of home interior decor. They have the power to influence the mood and the look of the house. With literally thousands of shades available, it could be a daunting prospect to choose the right wall paint colours. Many people find it difficult to translate their vision into reality while decorating their homes.

Such people can always approach experts for their advice and get the complete home wall painting service done. In addition to paints, walls can also be adorned with texture paint designs that add depth to the simple home decor. The extra dimension that textures bring is so much more effective than most other decorative elements.

Textures can be created in two ways, with paints or with wallpapers. There are scores of wallpaper designs available which range from the simple to the designer. With evolving tastes, the wallpaper designs have evolved over the time. They are no more just the boring stripes or florals. There are many exciting patterns and textures available in wallpapers nowadays.

The second way to create textures is by using paints. There is literally an unending number of options available for paint-based textures. Homeowners can also opt for customised textures that are unique to their homes.

So, with this bit of information, let us look at some ideas of home decor by painting walls with textures and designs.

1. Maiden Pink (8129), Sunny Yellow (7861), Pure Red (8093) and Cotton Wool (L104)

This texture is a mesmerising combination of bold colours and a smoky texture. It has deep undertones that push the bright colours to the fore and yet gives a depth to the decor with the underlying dark shadows. The Maiden Pink sets the overall tone of the room while the Pure Red gives it the dreamy smoky effect.

The rich texture wall paint design is achieved by these two colours stamps its presence in the room with authority. The flowers painted with Sunny Yellow and Cotton Wool add to the charm of the texture making it come alive. The yellow and the off-white colours stand out in a beautiful contrast to the dark smoky tones of the underlying texture.

The lighting makes a world of difference for a texture to be effective. A texture comes alive with the right kind of lighting. Soft diffused lighting is a perfect balancing element for the bold overtones of this texture. Warm, yellow lighting works much better than white, bright lights as It would soften the edges of the pattern which will enhance the organic flow of this smoky texture.

Colours Used: Maiden Pink (8129); Sunny Yellow (7861); Pure Red (8093); Cotton Wool (L104).


2. Peaceful Blue (9193) and Sesame Seed (L127)

The children’s room is the most innocent and the happiest room in the house. It is a carefree living space where love and care are lavishly exchanged. Parents always take some extra time and spare a lot of thought while decorating a child’s room. Apart from the furniture, the walls are the biggest influencers of the room’s mood.

While enough care is taken to make the room’s furniture as child-friendly as possible, the room’s walls seldom receive this kind of attention to detail. There are many options when it comes to decorating the walls of a kid’s room. From entire themes to stickers, these offer a great way to add a fun element to a child’s room.

Add to these the versatility of stencils which help to not only create beautiful designs, but also enable the creation of custom designs which are unique. The Peaceful Blue is a soothing colour which brings a sense of calm and tranquillity to the room. It is well-supported by the Sesame Seed which ensures that the room appears light and cheerful.

The butterflies stencilled out in inverted colours add to the allure of the room. While the furniture in a child’s room can be minimal to maximise the playing area, some light-coloured furniture will fit perfectly in a space that is visually light and perfect for children.

Colours Used: Peaceful Blue (9193); Sesame Seed (L127).


3. Wallpapers

Wallpapers are the quintessential wall decorations which not only beautify the walls with grace and class but also offer a simple way to add beautiful designs. Wallpaper designs have evolved over time to become more intricate and contemporary to keep up with the times. Wallpapers not only add the design but, in some cases, also add a textural element to the decor.

Wallpapers are not just limited to adults’ rooms either. Children’s rooms have their own Kids Collection of wallpapers that are more suited to their tastes and sensibilities. The bright colours and the fun designs make the room bright and cheerful by their mere presence. The beautiful patterns liven up the room.

For the other rooms of the house, there are a plethora of options available. From natural materials to essential textures, the range is simply mind-boggling. These wallpapers have a unique texture that can seldom be achieved with paints, which have their own distinct feel. To top it all, designer wallpapers are the latest trend. These wallpapers by well-known fashion designers are inspired by their collections.

These collections, without doubt, are one of the classier ways to decorate walls with textures and designs.

Wallpaper Used: India Moghol Wallpapers (W109WI30S75).


4. Wall Decals

Wall decals are one of the simplest decor ideas for a room’s wall. Especially when it is a child’s room. There’s an amazing variety of wall decals or wall stickers that are available. These are easy to apply and there’s no need to call for professionals to do the application. It is as simple as buying one and then applying it to the selected wall yourself.

From nature-inspired stickers to animated film characters for children, the sheer variety is simply a joy to behold. Made of PVC Vinyl or similar durable materials, these stickers last for a long time. They transform a dull, boring wall into an interesting work of art that comes alive with its simplicity. Wall decals work especially well with empty walls or walls that are bereft of any other distractions like photo-frames and the ilk.

While wall stickers may sound childish or juvenile, they are the easiest way to give your walls some character. Decals with similar themes can be used together to create unique mix-n-match designs that follow the decor’s theme. It is best not to underestimate the power of simplicity while decorating your home.

Wall Decal Used: Wall Brown Floral Branch Wall Sticker.


5. Stencils

We have all used stencils during our school or college days to create our own pieces of art. The same concept can be applied to walls in order to create art on walls with minimal efforts. This fashion for your walls is available in an assortment of varieties which offer a range of designs.

Stencilling is a bit harder to do than the wall decals. Nonetheless, it can be done without the help of professionals. But in case you’re not sure of your skills, it pays to call on some professional help to achieve the perfect finish for your walls.

Stencilling is a very flexible medium for adding designs and textures to walls. It can be done as a one-off design or as a repeating pattern all over the wall. With such versatility, it is no wonder that stencilling has become one of the most popular ways to add some design and texture to the walls. This is worth a try to create walls that are fresh and unique.

Stencil Used: Nascent Corolla; Base Coat 1 - Light Coffee; Base Coat 2 - Passion Fruit.


Textures and designs add a new depth to the walls which are otherwise just expanses of colour, however beautiful they are. These textures and designs are works of art by themselves. A wall painted with textures gives a character to the room that is hard to achieve with just colours.

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