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Spice up your home

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Looking for a new way to decorate your home? We’ve got some truly creative ideas for you.

We’re privileged to live in a land with the some of the most aromatic spices in the world. As a culture, we’ve integrated them into our cuisine in a variety of imaginative ways, but why not bring them out into other living spaces as well? 

We’ve got some amazing ways for you to bring your favourite spices out of the kitchen closet and into your living area, making your home smell divine.


Spice up your living room

Your coffee table is usually the centre of your living room, and therefore this is the best space to showcase your spice collection, and your creativity.

Some people like to display neatly arranged spices under the glass top of their table. If you don’t have a table that supports this, you can integrate spices in different ways. Tie a few cinnamon sticks around a candle with a pretty piece of twine or jute rope. When you light the candle, the oils in the cinnamon will send up a lovely fragrance into the air.  You could go a step further and arrange spices in a bowl with tea lights for the same effect. They’ll work just like aroma candles.

Spice up your dining room

A pomander is a great idea for dinner parties in winter. A pomander is an orange studded with cloves. The fresh fragrance of the orange mixes with the zingy scent of clove, creating a blend that is unique and appetising.

You could also arrange a variety of spices in different colours and textures and shapes in a glass vase for a fascinating display. Spices like star anise, cardamom, clove, black pepper and nutmeg look interesting and have strong aromas.

Spice up your kitchen

Your kitchen is the true home of spices. Here you can combine utilitarian functions with style by displaying your spice collection in pretty glass jars stacked on a rack or use old-fashioned wooden spice storage boxes for a vintage appeal.

Sunny ledges or kitchen windows are a great place to grow small herb gardens. Herbs and spices grow fairly easily, so you can fill pretty planters, jam jars, mason jars, cracked china mugs or even coconut shells with mud and grow a flourishing herb and spice garden.

The key to making a display of daily objects look artistic is to use a display that contrasts sharply with them by their stylish design. For example, traditional spices displayed in modern glass or ceramic containers will make them look deliberate. Use small tea lights or place them under bulbs to warm your spice collections so that they pour out their delicious scents into your home.




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