Interior Decor Ideas: Top 3 design rules to break in the coming year

India posted on 09.12.2016

While decorating, it can sometimes become monotonous to follow trends and accepted norms, which everyone else also seems to be following and thereby creating similar looks and interiors. Therefore, every once in a while it is great to assert your personality, breakaway from popular design trends and do something unique and different. Here are the top three design rules to break in the coming year.

1. Rule: One style one look

It is time to mix up styles and create unique, individualistic interiors that reflect your personality and preferences in distinctive ways. Pairing pieces that belong to different time periods, artistic styles and geographical regions creates interest and makes the entire effect more personal. For instance, add vintage artefacts and furniture accents to a contemporary décor and see how it results in enhanced visual interest. Similarly, matching everything according to colours, styles and materials can be extremely boring and appear totally devoid of personality. So, go ahead and mix up different colours and materials, and for instance display a contemporary work of art in a traditional décor. Essentially, allow your own style to emerge and envelop the space.

2. Rule: Perfect symmetry

You know, how one always decorates by placing a large focal point right in the centre of the wall or the floor and then coordinates the entire furniture and accessories placement around it. Instead play with asymmetry and observe how the entire look and feel of the place transforms. Try this with large accent pieces on the wall or with furniture placement such as the couch. Wall cabinets or large art works can also be placed off centre to create asymmetrical focal points and visual interest. The idea is to aim for balance and not place identical objects on both sides. Think of a painting which has a balanced composition rather than a symmetrical one. Asymmetry can be quirky, colourful and a visual treat.

3. Rule: Stick to one wood colour

Mix and match wood colours in different shades or completely different hues for interesting effects. You can combine light and dark shades of wood to add more depth and layers. Similarly, you can use wooden furniture or accent pieces painted in different colours and use them as highlights in the room. Wall cabinets in dark and light shades, or tables in different colours and finishes, they all add interest to the room décor. When doing this keep the rest of the décor minimal in terms of colours, patterns and accessories.


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