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Mumbai posted on 03.04.2018

A very old saying goes, “The home is where the heart is.” For every person that means a different thing. Many of us pour our hearts into decorating our houses to give it our own unique personality. A house speaks volumes about an owner’s personality. It is but a reflection of our inner-self put on display for everyone to see.

There are many ways a house can be decorated. A house can be sophisticated, playful or minimalistic. It really depends on how you want your house to be. But what if you want it to be quirky? It is possible to have a unique decor which is a distinct reflection of your own quirkiness.

It takes a real commitment to be different from the conventional and to follow your heart to create something so different that people label it as quirky. Quirky doesn’t necessarily mean weird. It is just, different. It just says that your design choices are a bit different from the rest.

So, let’s begin the wonderful journey of new discoveries and explore some unique home interior design ideas that will make people say “Wow!” with the sheer audacity of your choices. But, there is a fine line between quirky and weird. We just have to make sure that we stay on the right side of that line.

1. Unusual Furniture With Personality

The furniture is an inseparable part of a room’s personality. So much so that the entire mood of the room can be changed just by changing the furniture. The definition of a space also changes with the furniture. Put a dining table and it becomes the dining area. Put some comfortable chairs and a coffee table and it becomes the sitting or lounging area. The place remains the same, it’s just the furniture changing.

Some unusual-looking furniture will definitely spell out the quirkiness quite boldly. But, unusual doesn’t mean uncomfortable. If the furniture doesn’t fulfil its basic purpose, it is just a showpiece taking up space. Unusual means furniture which has its own distinct personality and yet serves its function of being a comfortable piece of furniture.

Experimentation is the key to unlock the wonderful world of quirkiness where deviation from the normal, everyday stuff is the norm. It is a wonderful world of many firsts that can give unexpected and exciting results.
There are no rules. A room is like a blank canvas waiting for the torrent of creativity to transform it into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind living space.



2. Cane Furniture

Cane is an organic material that is full of warmth. Even though cane is not the first choice of many people when it comes to selecting furniture, there’s something about it that makes the room feel warm and alive.

Cane furniture brings life to a living space with its organic presence. It is a wonderful material that can be bent, shaped and moulded to form any number of shapes. These forms appear to flow along natural lines which look classy and beautiful. It is light, durable and can be colour-matched to suit the room’s mood and decor. Its pliability also allows it to be made into very comfortable furniture.

Cane furniture itself is available in many forms. It can be made of woven cane or it can have the natural lines of the shaped and moulded cane on display. It works great either ways. It makes a great addition to any room. Since cane furniture is so lightweight, it can be easily rearranged to change the room’s configuration and make way for frequent new looks.

In this age of modern materials, cane furniture ranks up very high on the scale of quirkiness.



3. Paints, Textures and Wallpapers

There’s no denying the fact that colours are powerful conveyors of moods and feelings. They have the power to influence the psyche and uplift the soul. With thousands of options available, it is just a matter of choosing the right colours to reflect your inner creative being. After all, colours are the essence of our world.

The same wall paint colours can be used to create textures on the walls which accord an extra depth to the room. From denim to marble, textures are a great way to mimic any material or surface which otherwise would be impractical to have inside the living space.

The same can be said for wallpapers. Wallpapers are an easy way to change a room’s look. Designer wallpapers add that extra bit of glamour to the room. The options available range from floral prints to nursery prints. Whatever the choices may be, wallpapers always put the best characteristics of a room on display.



4. Artistic Expressions

Art is an expression of individual tastes which gains prominence with a broader appreciation. A same piece of art could mean different things to different people. Thus, a piece of art can have various impressions that are entirely dependent on the views of individuals assessing them.

Art comes in many forms. It could be a painting or a sculpture or even a photograph. The presentation is the key. Even a humble family portrait can be a piece of art when presented accordingly. As with anywhere else, the presentation matters.

There is also a misconception that art is expensive. Yes, pieces from certain artists are expensive. But not all art is astronomically priced. Good art is certainly more accessible than people would think. Artists have now taken to display their art at local cafes. Regular excursions to such events may unearth some gems that can add more character to the home.

Thomas Merton has summed up art very nicely, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” So, art could help you to find the quirky look for your home interior decor without losing the essence of yourself.



5. Recycling For The Perfect Look

Recycling is a great way to avoid wastage and it holds true even for home decor. It may yield some unexpected beauties which cannot be simply bought. The beauty of recycling is that it will be a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of decor that has come into existence wearing the garb of your inner creativity.

Packing crates are one of the simplest and best examples of recycling for decor. There is an umpteen number of ways to use these crates for creating your home’s decor. They can be nailed to the ceilings as light fixtures or they can simply be stacked to make an easily reconfigurable set of shelves.

Old photo frames can be stripped of photographs and can be repurposed as decor on their own in a very modern style of decor. Recycling is not only practical and ecologically responsible but it is also the perfect way to achieve a unique quirky look.


There are no restrictions when it comes to decorating a home. This is especially true with quirky home decor ideas. Instead of restricting the ideas to the conventional boundaries of home decor, a little bit of experimentation reaps rich rewards in the form of a unique and one-of-a-kind home with a personality.

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