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Wall Decorating Ideas with green

posted on 18.04.2016

Turn your space into a balm for tired, stressed minds with delicate green hues.

Green can be one of the most calming colours to decorate your home interiors. Because it replicates the myriad shades of nature, it balances and energises the space, and also reduces stress. For this reason, it is also used extensively in hospitals or in nurseries.  

If you’re thinking about integrating green into your home interior décor, do consider painting your walls. You will have to temper stronger hues with mild colours to harmonize the space. If you like a deep green, use it on an accent wall, and paint the others in lighter colours. However, a room with all walls painted in mild greens can become a soothing haven.

To accentuate a statement colour, don’t ignore your furnishings. A strong colour is improved by the right accessories. Look for complementary colours of nature, like tree-trunk brown, pebble grey, or dewy creams and yellows to echo the theme.

If you’re not sure about painting your room green, introduce it in smaller ways. A green rug can look very rustic and appealing in your living room or bedroom. You could also bring it in over larger areas for sofa upholstery, bedding, cushions or curtains.

For pops of green in a space, look for smaller accessories in vibrant colours like lime or avocado. Alternatively, green-themed paintings or lamps can become focal points in the room with the right placement and lighting.  

And finally, if you want to truly create a nature-like ambience, bring real plants inside. Plants fill a room with positive energy and you can blend leafy plants with ferns or flowering shrubs for a space that soothes the senses.

How are you going to introduce green into your home interior decor?

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