Maximise a small space with your décor choices

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Decorating a small space is possibly harder than decorating a large space. Make the most of your room with these smart décor tips.

Space is always at a premium in big cities. The décor choices you make for a small space can turn it from feeling cramped and cluttered into a warm and welcoming environment with a few simple moves.

When it comes to small spaces, there are some basic rules of thumb to follow, and some common mistakes to avoid. 

Keep the clutter away

This is first on the list because it’s the most important. It’s not for everyone, but a decluttered, minimalist look can make a small space feel infinitely larger. This opens up decorating options and gives you more visual space immediately.

Magical mirrors

Using a mirror is one of the best optical illusions for a home. A mirror opens up the visual area of a house, and provides volume and length. You can use mirrors in multiple ways – either by placing one mirror opposite another, or by putting a wide mirror on the largest wall of the room. Mirrors can be used in a stylish contemporary twist on concealed storage. You can also play with mirrors and lights, using it behind a lamp for a gentle diffused light that reflects back into the room.

Use screens, not walls

Don’t put up walls when you want to create separate spaces. Instead, use a screen. A screen is a convenient way to have a temporary divider that can be taken down at any time. Look for exotic Asian-patterned screens, or opt for a wood, metal or fabric screen instead.

Bring in the plants

Whatever the size of your home, a floral element to your decor can add a lot of charm to a room. For a more contemporary way of displaying real flowers, avoid the ornate vases and look for mason jars, planters or containers instead. Consider using large leaf plants for a touch of drama, or dried twigs hung with lights for an ethereal look. Pro-tip: If you’re using artificial flowers, skip the authentic designs because they never really look as good as real flowers. Instead, pick out unapologetically oversized daisies or dandelions instead – they’ll make a bold statement.

Play with colour

One way to truly influence the effect that a space has on you is to plan the colour and lighting. Every colour has a mood, and you can harness the powers of each to alter your space. A golden rule is to use lighter colours in small space and play with pops of bright accents in your furnishings. Use lighting to make sure there are no dark corners to further reduce the size of your space.

Small space? You mean gorgeous space.

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