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Cast a spell over your furniture

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Revamp dull furniture with a fresh coat of paint and a little creativity

It might sound like an overwhelming project, but converting your old wooden furniture to a fresh new look isn’t that complicated. You’ll need to plan it well, and do your research thoroughly, and most importantly, you should know exactly what material you are working with. But after that, it all depends on your creativity. We recommend trying your hand with a less valuable piece of furniture first. Leave the heirloom antiques for when you have a little more experience!

Most household wooden furniture requires little more than cleaning, sanding, and a coat of paint to look brand-new. The choice of colour and finish is yours. Some people like to use a wood paint in the same shade to maintain the look, but we’ve got inspiration here for when you want a bold new change.

Change ‘old and dull’ to ‘vintage and charming’ with a new coat of paint. An old piece of furniture, even if factory-made, has a timeless appeal simply because the design is not popular any more. With a more modern colour, it becomes a chic addition to any home.

Turn the most functional furniture into a statement with a coat of paint. Utilitarian furniture usually comes in neutral shades of black, grey or cream. Turn it into the gorgeous centre of attention by painting it gold or peach. A flash of neon also adds a lot of visual interest to a room.  

If you have an eye for it, you can incorporate small design elements to make dated furniture look more contemporary. A plain chest of drawers becomes the focal point of a room with a new colour and the use of tape. You can even replace the handles with patterned knobs to introduce a more feminine theme to the room. You might even like to try distressing wood to give your room a more vintage look.

It’s not always the walls that need a coat of paint. A pop of colour on your furniture breathes new life into the rest of your décor by brightening it up. Accessorize with changeable pieces in similar colours like throw cushions or lampshades to complement it and change your room.

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