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Improve the health of your home with waterproofing

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Have you waterproofed your home? Here’s why you should.

Some people dread the days of dreary skies, and some of us look forward to falling asleep at night to the sound of pouring rain. We’re privileged to be living in a land like India, where the monsoon kicks off a new circle of life every year.

But with hurtling grey clouds comes the myriad problems of higher maintenance of our homes during the monsoon. We’re all trying hard to keep our clothes dry, to prevent the musty odours that accompany the constant dampness in the air, and to keep our homes dry.

The rain can seriously damage our homes, either through cracks in the wall, a leaking roof, or a window that doesn’t shut properly. The effect? Dark patches on walls, peeling paint, crumbling wood, and musty smells.

Nobody wants their home to suffer like this. What’s more, the effects of seepage during the monsoon can be long-term, causing damage to plaster, paint and finishes. It could even damage your cherished paintings, furniture, furnishings and accessories.

With long-term exposure to humidity or dampness, mould begins to grow, which is not just ugly but also harmful to the health of anyone living at home.

This is where waterproofing helps. Think of waterproofing as a shield for your home. It is a technique that renders the surface of your home impenetrable. Water bounces off, and your walls, foundation, and structure remain dry.

There are some simple ways to prevent moisture and mould from entering your home, but if seepage has already begun, these remedies might not work. If you face continuous leakage, pooling, and cracks on the wall, you should bring in an expert to ensure that comprehensive waterproofing is done wherever required.

Asian Paints has a range of products to help waterproof homes, as well as to address leaking roofs, damp walls, plaster cracks and efflorescence, all of which are common problems in older constructions.

Still not sure if waterproofing or weatherproofing is for you? Here’s the list of benefits:

  • Waterproofing can reduce maintenance costs in the long run, because you won’t have to perform the same repetitive repairs.
  • Your walls and interiors are protected from damage. This means your furniture, paint, and décor will stay dry too.
  • With waterproofing, the humidity levels in your room are reduced. Homes with waterproofing are protected against mould and fungal growth, as well as insect infestation.
  • Waterproofing will protect your property and enhance its investment value.

We’re sure you are convinced by now. Do drop by your nearest Asian Paints store if you have questions about the possibility of waterproofing your home.

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