Home Decor Design Ideas for a Studio Apartment

posted on 15.04.2016

Recreate the peace and beauty of nature inside your home decor with our soothing wall colour palettes

There’s a reason we love flowers and beaches and mountains and blue skies. The colours of nature take us back to a time when life was simple, and our world was filled with beauty. We may not be able to experience all that, especially if we live in a concrete jungle, but that’s why we should decorate our homes in colours that make us feel wonderful.

Here are 5 refreshing colour palettes inspired by the moods of nature. Which one will you choose?

French lavender fields

Lavender oil is known to be one of the most calming essential oils available. It is an effective sleep aid, and is used often in spas to relax. But it’s not just the oil that relaxes you. When paired with delicate lilac and mauve, the colour of lavender can wash away all the stress of the day. Accessorize with muted black or grey to add a chic edge and make these pastels even more sophisticated.

Calm sunsets

Replicate the peace of watching a sunset in all its glory with this colour palette. The subdued wall colours go from pinks to browns, and darken to putty and grey. A space decorated in these shades is bound to be soothing and restful.

Tranquil island beach

This palette is going to be an instant hit with lovers of the ocean. It combines the ever-enticing turquoise of an exotic beach getaway with a solid sand. A home in these wall colours would lull a busy mind to a more peaceful state.

Nautical cheer

While these colours are ocean-inspired as well, they have a more classic appeal. Combining deep blue with cream, these colours make an elegant palette that could work in any room of a home. They’re sharp, stylish, and oh-so-appealing.

Dewy natural blooms

Look to nature for the infinitely refreshing appeal of moss, grass, wood and cream for a palette that reminds you of fresh growth and rejuvenation. The circle of life repeats endlessly in these colours, keeping your spaces harmonious and refreshing.


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