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Mumbai posted on 19.04.2018

Owning a stylish house is a dream for many of us. But not everybody has the finances that can keep up with their dreams. For the most, it is all about prioritising and making informed choices. While it is true that a stylish home interior decor may not fit the budget of most people, it doesn’t mean that a house cannot have its own style.

Some out of the box thinking or even a distinctive twist to the everyday things is enough to accord style to a living space. A little creativity goes a long way in creating a unique style that lifts up the living space with elan and panache. With so many options available in accessories nowadays, it is much easier to do a stylish interior design which is not too heavy on the purse.

A style is a very subjective matter. After all, style is a reflection of individual attitude and personality. Different people have different ideas about style and what is stylish. But these ideas do touch upon some points which bind all these ideas together with a common thread. These points of intersection represent the commonality of ideas that agree upon the stylishness of a living space.

Let us now take a look at some of these home interior design ideas which make homes a stylish space with some creative thinking and without breaking the bank.

1. Tidying Up With Partitions

Sometimes a room could be too big for its own good. Decorating a large room has its own set of challenges. But there’s another way to address this ‘problem’, “Divide and rule!” It is a simple philosophy which will divide one large space into smaller, more manageable spaces which are easier to decorate.

Partitioning a room is an elegant way to mould it into more stylish spaces that reflect the personality of the room much more effortlessly. Partitions come in many shapes, sizes and forms. There are simple partitions that are just utilitarian and then there are ones which are really intricate with lots of care and attention to detail lavished on them.

These lovingly crafted creations are works of art all by themselves. They ooze style and sophistication that is reflected in the room. On the other hand, a partition can be as simple and functional as a bookshelf, which not only acts as a divider but also serves the practical purpose of storing and sorting books.

Partitions are also a great way to demarcate spaces for specific functions, like a dining area. This is one way of imparting style to a room without having to spend too much.



2. Say It With Colours

Colours are everywhere. They have a special significance in home decor. Wall colours the power to influence the mood of the room. A single misplaced or wrong wall colour can ruin the entire ambience of the room. With a vast array of wall colours available for home interior decor, it is a matter of choosing the right colours to get a stylish look for your walls.

Light colours will reflect the light around, which will give a brighter appearance to the room. Darker colours, on the other hand, add more depth to the walls and serve as visual anchors for the viewer’s eye. An ideal paint job would be a harmonious combination of light and dark colours that add pizazz to the room with their combined flair.

Like people, houses have individual personalities. So, a one-size-fits-all philosophy won’t work. Enough time needs to be taken to understand the personality of a home. Only then can the actual decor work begin. It is wise to choose colours that build up a home’s characteristics to accord it with an in-built style that should be unique.

This all-important colour selection can be done by the homeowners themselves or expert help can be sought to find the perfect colours on Colour Visualiser Whatever the approach, one thing is sure. Style can be achieved with the right palette of colours.

Colour Used: Green Beret (7838).


3. Accessories For Style

Accessories are stylish. Whether its people or their homes, accessories add a dash of style to the overall look. Though these accessories differ vastly, it is guided by the same principle, stick with what looks the best and discard whatever that is not needed. In other words, there’s no need to go overboard with too many accessories.

Less is more. Curtains are accessories too. They form a big part of a room’s decor and hence, choosing the right curtains for a room is an important aspect of home decor. Of the varieties that are available, choosing the ones that enhance the personality of the room makes it a style statement.

Like curtains, other accessories include wall art and show-pieces. Even the furniture or flower arrangements can be accessories. There’s nothing like the beauty and freshness of a well-prepared flower arrangement. Not many people use lampshades these days. A beautiful lampshade makes for a graceful addition to any home decor.

As we always say, moderation is the key to a successful home decor. A judicious use of accessories can make any home stylish with minimum fuss.



4. Reflect The Style

Mirrors are a wonderful addition to home decor. They are simple, yet they instantly uplift the room with their presence. They have the wonderful ability to adapt to the room’s decor and enhance it by adding an ever-changing play of light.

A mirror, strategically placed across a window, will reflect the dynamic moods of the natural light into the room throughout the day. Instant art! In addition to being stylish, a mirror also makes the room appear bigger giving the impression of a bigger space. A full-length mirror just changes the entire ambience of the room.

Conversely, smaller mirrors can be framed in ornate frames to be hung on walls as living art. It is an interesting concept that holds a lot of promise and assures of some exciting results with a bit of experimentation. As far as stylish home decor goes, mirrors hold a lot of promise and potential that is just waiting to be unleashed with the right key of creativity.



5. Stylish Textiles For A Stylish Decor

By textiles, we mean furnishings. They are an integral part of a room’s decor. They are omnipresent in the form of curtains, sofa covers, cushion covers, rugs, duvets, sheets and bedspreads. There are an overwhelming variety of fabrics available for home decor. Along with different colours, designs and textures there’s also the fabric itself to consider.

Linen is a light natural material which flows organically to make beautiful forms. It also has its unique texture which adds to the sensory experience. Like linen, cotton is also a natural fabric which is available in scores of designs and colours. These are easy to maintain and they last for years if cared for.

Furnishings are an important addition to a room’s decor which also serves a practical purpose. With such a versatility in uses, furnishings make for a quick-fix stylish decor element which can be changed at a moment’s notice. This is what makes it an invaluable element of home decor.



As we have seen, a stylish look for a home that doesn’t cost too much is not hard to achieve. It is just a matter of keeping an open mind and letting the ideas flow. No idea is too wild or outrageous unless it is given due consideration. A practical approach is also helpful in being able to determine the scope of the home decor project. But given the above options, it is achievable.

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