Interior design ideas: Go colourful this summer for your Home Decor

India posted on 16.08.2016

With every change in season, colours and smells in nature vary too. Summer in particular with its high temperatures and warm breezes brings about many changes in food habits, fashion trends and preferences for wall colour combinations in our environs.

Just as there is an increase in desire for cool, refreshing drinks, fresh fruit and salads and lighter foods, these are also the wall paint colours which are attractive and soothing when infused in our surroundings. Lime green, citrus orange, lemony yellow, ocean blue and sea green are wonderful colours for summer, which you can incorporate in various ways in home interior designs.

In summer, we look for a more informal environment at home - lighter fabrics, floral designs and motifs and overall a subtler palette. However, this is also a time when you want to add a dash of bright colour to your surroundings. It is amazing how the addition of vivid and vibrant hues in the form of highlights in the home décor can transform the interiors distinctly. Adding highlights helps to break the monotony and makes the décor livelier.

Art is one of the easiest ways to add colour to your home décor. Abstract paintings or pop art are rich in colour and are perfect for adding highlights. Area rugs with tribal motifs, geometrical patterns or with pop art are also a great way to add colour to your summer décor.

Look for accessories in lime green or citrus colours, which refresh the surroundings and make a huge difference. For instance, pairing accessories with colours derived from an artwork works really well in adding highlights – sunny yellows or sea greens are some of the colours which are wonderful in making that colourful transformation.

Blue can be a delightfully soothing and calming colour, especially in summer and is worth integrating in the décor in some form or the other. Instead of having an entire palette built around the pure colour, consider having upholstery and drapes in subtle shades of blue. Combine these with dark blue for a more vivid impact, for instance you can have throw pillows and cushion covers in vibrant shades to enhance the effect. Else, if your décor is built around white or another light colour, consider painting the wall in blue.

Floral patterns in bright colours also look really great in summer and are a must have in the décor and these can be introduced in the form of cheerful drapes or upholstery. Artworks too that feature flowers and foliage are amazingly effective.

When adding colour to interiors, you should make sure you select one or two options in terms of artwork, rugs or accessories, so that the effect is cohesive and understated, and not overcrowded.

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