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Darker Wall Paint Colours That Express Luxury

Mumbai posted on 20.03.2017

Colours hold subliminal meanings that affect our mood and thinking. Their symbolic meaning varies with different cultures and countries. One of the most important roles colours play is in our home interiors, projecting not just our personality, but also the spirit of the home itself. The right wall paint colour can enhance a room’s mood, and the wrong one can weigh it down. When the colour is just right, all the elements come together, art stands out, details get a voice, and an appealing visual drama is created. 

Neutrals and pastels have had their run for a while, and this year is all about using dark colours that give a sense of innate luxury to your home interiors. Jewel tones, navy, dark chocolate, black, and charcoal are among the colours being used to add a dash of sparkle and interest to home interiors. Homes are opening up to all the colours that we typically shy away from, as perfectly balanced and dressed up dark home interior designs can be an intimidating décor goal to pursue.

Dark colours lend an air of sophistication and comfort, making your interiors distinctive and luxurious. Whether you want to create a stylish dark palette from scratch, or add dark coloured accents to the colours already within your home, there are several ways you can use them to great effect in creating plush, welcoming interiors.

If dark paints for your walls are currently not within your plans, you can use these colours in accents that will bring a moody and mysterious ambience to life– becoming larger than life against their neutral backgrounds. With furniture and accents in dark colours, muted walls step into the background and décor statements take center stage, helping every room tell a unique story.

Intense Ocean, deep blue and burnt orange are some of the darker shades that will be seen around in furniture and decor. Combined with rich plush textiles like velvet and matched with natural materials woods, clay, cork and warm metals they create luxurious interiors that are a treat for the senses. Vibrant greens, slate, deep blues and purples are among the colours that can immediately make a large room feel more intimate and cozy. At the same time, dark colours, including turquoise, ruby red, burgundy and olive can also enhance the coziness of a small space, by getting the focus on the richness of colour.

Dark colours can be playful and very full of life. A foyer painted in rustic red or navy can be a surprise welcome for your guests, while adding tonnes of character to your home with just one, dark painted wall.

Mixing dark colours with neutrals can create a refined sophistication in your living spaces. A matte black and white colour theme with timeworn leather and natural wood can make for some elegant drama. Mix vintage decor with modern accents to bring out the full range of personality in a deep brown bedroom, complete with crisp white linens, to create a comfortable, relaxing space.

Dark colours are a great trick to lend a sense of grandiose to a small space like a tiny bathroom. Bold black can lend a stunning look to a petite bathroom, while deep naval colour can take the walls from awkward to awesome.

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