The Layered Rug Trend

Mumbai posted on 02.03.2017


Layered rugs? Yes, that’d be right. One of the hottest trend this year will be layered rugs {like you layer beds and sofas} and it’ll be quite sometime that it faded away. So if you have a few rugs lying around in your loft, you might want to bring them all out and highlight your floors this year for a change. I mean come on, we all do walls don’t we! It’s time to keep our feet on the ground and do it fashionably too.

Take a look at how to corner this steaming trend in your home.


Rule no. 1: Allow 12-18 inches of space on all sides for the contrast to show.

One crucial rule in layering rugs is to leave some amount of space in between the layers so it’s all visible. You wouldn’t want your rug to hide the other would you? And if you do not want to believe me, well don’t. Believe Nicole Gibbons blogger and director of So Haute who swears by this trend and also adds, “If you're layering your rugs on a hard floor, allow at least 12-18 inches of space on all sides so that you can see the contrast between the rugs.” Well, I told you!


Rule no 2: Look for same construction

If you are looking to layer, look for rugs with same construction. Designers believe that same construction or fabrication is the key to fantastic rug layering.

Construction of rug is the look and the performance of the rug and it’s generally constricted in two types- loop, cut or a combination of the two. Loop is generally better for areas that see traffic and are made with low dense construction. Cut pile on the other hand are good for places that see less traffic and have longer wool or fabric.


Rule 3: Always opt for a neutral base

When you look at layering, start with a neutral base. You could choose sea grass, jute, sisal or even fabric. As a rule, the larger main rug should be neutral so when you start out, you can keep adding fun layers to it. A busy base layer will only limit your possibilities. If you have a neutral carpet you could start layering on top it too.


Rule 4: Hide

By the way, did you try hides? Though I don’t speak for real animal hides, there are any faux hides that are available in the market and they look just as real. Instead of area rug try pairing a hide with a base rug or on top of your carpet. 


Rule 5: Pick a Pair

The functional side of having layered rugs is the fact that many affordable, small rugs can pair up to form an area rug and you could either group them together or scatter them throughout the house when required. So, whenever you choose rugs, pick a pair or four that complements the other rugs. How does this help? If there is common detail, fabric or colour to your rugs, it looks synchronized and more in harmony.

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