Slatted Walls For Your Bedroom

Mumbai posted on 11.04.2017

It doesn’t matter how thematically industrial a home lover gets. At the end of the day, we are beings of nature, and sooner or later, one starts to miss an element (even if tiny) of nature or natural materials, substances, motifs or design in the house! Amidst all the luxurious metals, pristine glasses and modernist brilliance of concrete shapes, one starts to feel a definite pang of missing elements of nature at home.

Even with someone having a taste and inclination towards mixing natural elements beautifully in interiors, one cannot undermine the visual beauty of wood put indoors as décor! Not only it adds a much-desired touch of warmth and makes any home look exponentially inviting; but also seamlessly doubles up as a natural scape itself inside one’s home!

One such simple, and yet striking design idea is the concept of Slatted Walls! Having one in your home not only makes it look ultra-stylish; it also breaks the monotony of walls in a visually stunning manner. Whether it’s the ‘media wall’ in your living room, a bathroom (perhaps) or the lobby, there are few things in the house that look as simple yet stately as a nice, big, slatted wall.

Though choices of placement are varied, one of the most comfortable and brilliant places one could have slats is undoubtedly a bedroom. Where comfort and cosiness are of utmost essentiality in bedrooms (considering it’s the most personal part of any home) there is absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t have a magnificent sense of style as well!

While slat wall panels have already been heavy influencers in décor design back in the 60s, it has (not surprisingly, since ‘old is the new new’) made a huge comeback, albeit with more of a contemporary, pale-smooth wood finish look; complete with a slight touch of ‘Scandinavian Zen’.

Though horizontal slats are the more common preferred orientation, you could play with vertical or even diagonal arrangements! There is no rulebook in the magnanimous world of décor. Most things are based on your personal aesthetic that compliments your own lifestyle.

Whether you hire contractors to get your brilliant slat-paneling done in your bedroom, or whether you choose to do it yourself, DIY style (a highly economical, absolute fun choice as a home project; although owing to the ‘long-process-time’ factor involvement, it would be best-suited to an expert, champion DIYer only!), getting slatted walls in the bedroom is an easy, fascinating, uncommon way to add a touch of contemporary style without pouring in a truck and a half load of cash into!

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