Serene white for your home

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White has the power to calm and soothe the senses like no other colour. Does your home have enough white?  

We’re Indian, and hey, we love our bright colours! But white can be a wonderful option for a contemporary Indian home. Not only is it an infinitely compatible colour for our tropical weather, it’s also very versatile, harmonizing well with ethnic décor themes or converting a space to a more European look.

White makes a home look brighter, bigger and fresher, and who doesn’t want that? Here’s how you can use white to influence the mood of your home.

In your living room

White is an elegant, classic colour that can be accessorized to be dramatic or to be soothing. It also provides a perfectly neutral backdrop to intricate art and furniture, and works well to reflect light. Used sparingly, white provides relief to a more vibrant colour palette, but when used in larger areas, it creates an illusion of a clutter-free space.

White also brings a very luxurious look to a room when used as curtains, upholstery or furniture. Naturally, this may not be an option if you have children or pets, but for those with their heart set on white, there are easy-clean materials that will allow you to have as much white as you want.

White is a good colour for walls if you have a large art collection or a gallery of photographs. Combine it with pale neutrals for an international décor theme, or with rich mahogany and teak for an antique look.

In the kitchen

White looks especially good in the kitchen, and can be clean and refreshing. It works well with Scandinavian wood on closets and accessories, especially when interspersed with pops of green from plants.

In the bedroom

If you want your bedroom to feel like an oasis of calm, white should be your colour of choice. Pair it with muted colours like oatmeal, chocolate, or pebble grey for a spa-like Xen vibe. Mix textures like woollen throws, velvet cushions, and pure cotton sheets for a tactile experience that will bring you joy.

In the bathroom

An all-white bathroom can have all the style of a luxury hotel. Mix with navy or steel grey for an elegant theme, and accessorize with wicker baskets, mirrors, and diffused lighting to bring warmth and depth. A bathroom of classic black and white is also a contemporary look that guests will envy, and that you will enjoy.

Have we convinced you to turn your home into a haven?

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