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5 Grey Paint Colour for Kitchen Design

India posted on 02.05.2017

When going for décor, people are as careful with each single choice they make, as they would be when making a rather gravitated investment. Right from materials, accessories, right down to the temperature and mood of paints used; choosing articles that will ultimately make the vibe of your home ‘just perfect’ is absolutely important, understandably so! Especially when it comes to choosing a palette of paints, people generally tend to stay within the circle of lighter and brighter hues, and dark tones are hardly ever used! Bringing forth a similar scape, let’s touch upon an elusive topic – the Grey Kitchen!

The grey kitchen is a rather elusive choice that many tend to shy away from going with, for sheer concerns of notions like ‘kitchen colours should be warm and inviting’, or ‘grey is too dull’, or a myriad of similar emotions that really couldn’t be further away from the truth!

Here’s a list of how to turn up the sophisticated cool a few notches in your kitchen; and play with grey!


1. Dark Greys

The look is bold, dramatic and yet has the warm comfort of freshly baked muffins! This option certainly makes for a strong statement. If your walls are in shades of dark greys, make sure you accentuate it with warm, yellow-gold soft lights – achieving the perfect visual balance!


Light Greys

A lighter shade brings about a much cleaner, subtler look that adds a fresh-morning feel to your kitchen through the day! With a lighter tone of grey in play, compliment and complete the look with white on tiles, counter-tops or even cabinets. The transition from one color to the other will be seamless, elegant, and easy on the eyes!

3. The Industrial Look.

The minimalistic industrial look can make your kitchen interior design look fascinating paired with smooth, brushed up metals for your fridge, oven and even cabinet-surfaces! Contrast-accentuate with dashes of rich black in appliances like blenders, lamps or electric kettles! Add glass or brushed-metal bowls of fruit on countertops to bring in a flush of colour!

4. Chalk Painted Walls.

For those who like their homes set to conformist values, and yet are itching to experiment with ideas of grey, the perfect solution is here! Walls could well be in regular shades of white, and cabinets made of refurbished woods respectively, while one wall could be painted in deep grey chalk-paint! Stylish and very indie, it also doubles up as writing surface for recipes, grocery lists, daily task-lists - what have you!

5. About Cabinets Spaces.

Another simple, yet interesting way is to introduce some cool greys in all your cabinet spaces and door! Without taking away from the balance of the rest of the décor, simple greys scattered around on the smaller places could compliment the entire space in a much subtler way!


Understated, but never boring, very unique, and forever laced with surprises at every bend, a grey kitchen stands apart with a big dash of brilliant ease!

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