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Simple ideas to transform your home with paint

Mumbai posted on

Hello and welcome to Ideas Engine- a place where we not only talk about great home decor ideas but also give you easy ways to implement them. Today, as we travel to design land in our thought train, let’s pump up some steam in with some simple ideas to transform your home with paint. I know! It might seem a bit trivial considering we have spoken a lot in here, but let me tell you it’s always the simple things that make extraordinary difference when it comes to home decor.


I’ve collated a few very easy painting ideas for you, to update your existing decor in a jiffy. Take a look:


Update a Lampshade: Keeping with trends this year, pull out an old lampshade and paint the base of the lampshades in contemporary colours. You could paint the base in neons or bright colours and keep the lampshade white or you could paint the lampshade and keep the base solid and simple.



Magic Potion: Really, paint is the classic makeover potion. If you are bored of your room and are planning on giving it a fresh coat of paint, I’ll advise you to paint one wall in a focal colour instead of repainting a whole room. You could also create focal points in a room by partially & creatively painting a wall. For example, paint a bright rectangle over a sofa or a large circle on the wall where your dining table rests.


For The Bibliophile: Love books and love showing them off? Here’s a paint idea that’ll cheer you up. Primp up your bookshelf by using contrasting paints. Paint the exterior in a solid colour and play with colour and texture with the insides.




Paint your window trims: It’s either white or brown! I think it’s time to add in a bit of colour to your windows too! Go whimsical and paint the trims in green, red or even yellow. To add in a bit of Grecian vibe, opt for a bright azure. For a glam look, try gold or copper! How cool will copper window trims look?


Paint your photo frames: A big change can come from something as small as painting your photo frames or frame mouldings. You could paint them neon to add some zest in your dark aisle, paint them in white to create a beach house look or paint them in different colours for an eclectic look.




Paint the fans: Though there are choices today of coloured fan; to add some whimsy in your home decor, try painting the fans. Paint them in a colour that’s totally unexpected or you could also paint blades in different colours for a rainbow effect.



Paint your front door: One super sweet way to transform your home with paint is to paint your doors. The front door for example tells a lot about who stays within and you could make it super fun by painting geometric shapes or bright, bold colours. Imagine a memphis front door? How super fun will that be?


In addition, you could paint your fridge, your dining table, balcony railing and ceilings too. Believe me, a fresh coat of paint does wonders to a place and it takes only little to bring in a major decor change. In the same light- I am just curious- have you painted something lately? Share with us, if you have. It’ll be amazing to see creative minds at play!

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