Intense Ocean: Captures all that we seek, all that we hope to become

Mumbai posted on 14.04.2017

One of the most challenging assignments I had as a fledgling copywriter was to compile a small handbook on the “Language Of Colour”. As I read up on the symbolism, meaning and hidden effects of different colours, it was indeed a whole new language that I found the key to. I learned how colours trigger emotions and memories, connect us to the world, inspire us, uplift us, and can even be used to manipulate us. I learned that colours “speak to us”. Except that this is a language that’s seen and not heard. Since then, I have closely followed this magical, wonder-filled language of colours. I have observed with awe and joy how the way we respond to colours changes with the events all around us.

The year is 2017, and the world is gathering its wits, and slowly accepting the roller-coaster that is the modern life, dizzying in its pace, and unrelenting in its pursuits. Life gets increasingly turbulent every day. We are all caught up in a whirlpool of experiential overload, trapped in the incessant noise of a world being plunged ever so deep into chaos. There has been undeniable social, political and environmental turmoil, even as we struggle to snatch transient moments of balance and silence.

Naturally enough, the colour that speaks to us would hold within itself a promise to restore that balance, a calming balm for frayed senses, a reminder of a place away from the deafening noises of everyday life. Intense Ocean -Asian Paints Colour of The Year 2017 is all that and more, a colour that represents and captures all that we seek, all that we hope to become. 

“Intense Ocean” holds within itself that difficult to achieve balance, those stolen moments spent connecting with ourselves, away from judgment and analysis of everything we do, wear, or even eat. The deep and calm blues come together to restore serenity in our life. The mellow, mature greys create a soft, balancing undertone. The fresh, enduring greens from the Anahata Chakra (the heart chakra in yogic tradition) steer us towards stability. In one fluid stroke, “Intense Ocean” unleashes hope, our need to re-bond with nature, and our desire to stop and breathe. The colour speaks to our need to express, explore, experiment and reinvent, and yet turn away from the world’s eyes, and dance a while, only for ourself.

The Asian Paints Colour Of The Year 2017 will find resonance in the need to reinterpret our living spaces to reflect our inner world. As we strive to give our homes a unique personality among a sea of homogeneity, Intense Ocean will symbolize the beauty of unaffected, natural aesthetics, and society’s pursuit of this. Through wallpaper and paint, it will gently but firmly give shape to our craving to explore the outdoors. It will act as a balancing factor for interiors lost in disparate chaos of disjointed elements, tying together different design voices into one coherent expression. It will embrace décor accents, bringing pops of buoyancy to minimal spaces. It will work as a vibrant anchor among neutral colours, and will speak of an indomitable inner quirk through painted furniture. But I think, like all languages, colour is open to individual interpretation as well. So most importantly, “Intense Ocean” too will find some beauteous and bold expressions within your home. Just hear it speak to you. Let your wonderful communication with “Intense Ocean” begin!

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