How to Make the Most of Corners for your home docor

posted on 15.04.2016

Bring those dark corners into the light with these simple home décor ideas

Have you ever heard of ‘dead space’? It means those areas in your rooms that are not really being used for a functional purpose, but are not contributing to the flow or spaciousness of the room either.

With modern architecture demanding unusual shapes for even residential buildings, many homeowners find themselves with nooks or corners that they’re not sure how to utilise. These spaces are not just pointless; they’re also a sacrilegious waste of space in cities like ours.

So how does one turn a neglected corner into a point of interest?

If it fits, you could use furniture built to use the corners and lengths of a square or rectangular room. For example, investing in an L-shaped sofa can save space in the middle of the room while making best use of the corner.

If you’re not looking at investing in a new sofa, how about a low corner table? It’s perfect for a small water fountain, a decorative lamp, or to display a hobby or collection.

Some owners might love the idea of a swing or a rocking chair in a corner. It remains far enough to not obstruct movement in the room, but can still be a useful seat when you have guests.

For families that love reading, a nest chair or a reading nook is an ideal use of a corner. If you work from home, a small work station might be useful.

Place a tall potted plant or a large floor lamp here to make the corner stand out. With some art on the wall, the forgotten corner can be drawn into focus easily. You might like the idea of making a family gallery in the corner of the room.

If your corner faces the room, it could be suitable for a low cabinet to store shoes, magazines or anything else. By placing a large, ornate mirror on top, you can introduce a regal theme to the room. To further enhance this place a candelabra or oversized candle holders in front of the mirror. A gentle diffused light reflects back into the room through this. Bonus points for aromatic candles!

Of course, you may want to turn your corner into an experimental space. Use it to hang a piece of DIY wall art, or use decals or wall stickers here.

A little creativity and an understanding of your space can help you make a difference to your space with relatively little effort.

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