Pretty Pastels for a Chic Home

Mumbai posted on 01.12.2016

If there is one shade that’s sure to add oodles of warmth, prettiness and fun to your home décor, then it has to be pastel. Once thrown away as the colour for nurseries and kids’ room, pastels are now taking its place in the drawing room, master bedroom, kitchen and bathrooms.

While they are fresh and easy in their appearance, pastels are the most difficult shades if not used correctly. So, here are 5 basic tips to help you avoid an overdose of sugar sweetness or, shall we say, sugar rush?

1. Go contemporary

Yes, you have chosen pastels, but who’s to say that they need to have a cute fairy-tale look? Give your pastel tones a chic character by going offbeat with colours like bold lilac and summery yellow. Place them with modern and stylish designs for a cool and seriously chic ambiance.

2. Find your hero

Any décor is likely to stand out, if you have a strong statement or hero piece in your room. So, pick just one piece that needs a fresh outlook, and redo it in any of your favourite pastel shades. For instance, if you are looking for a statement sofa in your drawing room, then pick one in cool blue or a serene sea green. Basically, try and keep it neutral so you can accessorise it well.

3. Play it up with accessories

If you are in for the fad and aren’t sure of how you would like to add pastel in your home décor, then be safe and focus on accessories. Go in for a pastel shade lamp or carpet or choose a statement accessory like blue or yellow chair to throw in a bit of freshness and pop in your home décor. Alternatively, you can add one special piece in your passageway or foyer. This could be a ceiling lamp or photograph with happy pastel colours for a happy and cheery welcome.

4. Do it in pairs

Get a mix-n-match of pastel shades in your room. Make a statement with duo tonality. Simply, look for a tone that suits your style and bring it into your dining or drawing room. For instance, you can go for a rustic dining table with pastel chairs in the kitchen and a puffet with a similar shade as the dinning chair to bring uniformity. You can also try a two-tone combination: a pink-purple with monochromatic or geometric patterns.

5. Cover it up well

If pastel-coloured furniture isn’t your thing, then bring a hint of freshness by giving your doors and windows, and even cupboards the pastel boost. Go in for blue, green doors and windows, or bright and happy pastel-shade decals for some joy and happiness. Here’s another cue: A bright pastel shade will stand out against crisp white walls and wooden brown furniture. Or, simply sneak it in by colouring your door panels or handles or knobs in shades of contrasting pastels.

Always, remember whatever you choose – multiple pastel accessories or statement pieces or colour pairing – go in for a same shade of colour. Simply, focus on shades of the same colour. Basically, don’t bring in multiple shades of pastels; or you might have to trade your house for a candy store. Just, pick cheery tones uniformly for your curtains, rug, upholstery or furniture for a happy livin’!

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