The Interior Trends you'll Love in 2017!

Mumbai posted on 03.01.2017


We are already fantasizing about the looks and trends for this year. 2017 is a year for the bold. Go bold or go home, or, bring bold in to your home. Liven up minimalistic living spaces with some ‘out there’ statement pieces. Whether they are large geometric prints, tapestry tiles or anything botanical. Maybe not all together though, now that would be too BOLD.  2017 will welcome some deconstructed luxe. So think perfect finishes, hi–gloss and super shiny metallic juxtaposed with natural materials like cork, wood and clay. This first-fix aesthetic combines relaxed edges with a nod to industrialism. Hence from all that we see, hear, eat and feel, we’ve compiled the top trends for 2017, and are breaking it down for you.


Marble Coffee Tables

We love coffee tables, but the marble ones are really the most elegant out of all. So, if you want to make your living room more stylish with just a small detail, these are the perfect elements for your home. Also, you can choose any elegant shade you wish from white, grey, green or blue. Simply gorgeous!



Dark Green

When talking colour, dark green will be a big hit in 2017. This colour is perfect for an armchair, sofa or cabinet and it goes great with a retro as well as Scandinavian design. Also, don’t forget to add dark green accents to your living room or bedroom for a more elegant vibe.





Sustainability and practicality are popping up in home decor all over the place. Cork walls are not only a visually compelling choice, but they’re awesome when it comes to blocking out sound and posting to-dos on the go. Cork wallpaper is also an alternate but nothing looks better that than the real deal. Cork on coffee table bases in combination with side tables is also a great option.


Mixed Metals

Think brass and chrome, silver and polished nickel, antique brass and oil-rubbed bronze. The resurgence of mixed metals signals the popularity of both industrial and minimalist design, and people’s unabashed mixing of the two. Not all gold or all silver, get the plethora of metallic you have stashed in some cupboard and display them all around your home. Metal in their raw unfinished form in décor is the way to go. 



Terracotta isn’t exactly the first material that comes to mind when we talk about finishes, but it is becoming more popular for interior accents. It adds a stylish warmth and texture to spaces. Terracotta is used with a more natural, matte finish in earthy tones to create a rustic and eclectic space. It looks great as floor tiling or an accent wall.

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